NoiseScout - Unattended Noise Monitoring


Unattended Noise Monitoring Solution

XL2 Sound Insulation Reporter

Sound Insulation
Test Solution

Outdoor Noise Monitoring with XL2

Outdoor Noise Monitoring

with XL2 Sound Level Meter

FX100 for Easy Audio Test Integration in Production Lines

Easy Test Integration into Production Lines

with FX100 Analyzer


FX100 Audio Analyzer

For measurement results you can trust



Sound level meters, signal generators and analog/digital audio analyzers.

Flexus FX100 Audio Analyzer Minirator Measurement Microphones XL2 Audio and Acoustic Analyzer Minilyzer ML1 Acoustilyzer AL1 Digilyzer DL1 Digirator DR2 NTi Audio TalkBox NTi Audio Products


  • 29. Jan. 2018
    XL2 Remote Control via Web Browser
    Remote monitoring of noise is getting easier: the XL2 Sound Level Meter can now be remotely controlled directly from a web browser. Level ...
  • 19. Jan. 2018
    We are expanding our Design Team
    For our product design team we are looking for a young

    Software Engineer for Embedded LINUX Solutions
  • 16. Jan. 2018
    Red Bull Culture Clash Johannesburg
    Red Bull Culture Clash landed in Orlando Stadium, Johannesburg on the 23rd September. Four of the continents biggest artists and their crews took ...

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