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XL2 Industrial Defects Analysis

Listen To Narrowband Filtered Signals

The XL2 Analyzer now offers the ability to listen into narrowband filtered signals. With the Spectral Limits Option you can select any band with up to 1/12th octave resolution and listen to the content of that specific band only.

This simplifies the search for unwanted noise or vibration sources in industrial applications, such as in the automotive industry or defects analysis of machines.

Frequency band listening is part of the Spectral Limits Option. This new feature is offered with the XL2 firmware V2.41 and available for free download by all registered customers.

Listening Examples:

Spektrum Full

Spektrum 500 Hz

Spektrum 8kHz

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Download the X2 firmware V2.41 at http://my.nti-audio.com.

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