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12. Nov. 2014

Loudspeaker polar-diagram measurements with the FX100 Audio Analyzer

Loudspeaker polar-diagram measurements with the FX100 Audio Analyzer

The FX100 is widely recognized as the leading Audio Analyzer for quality testing of electro-acoustical transducers and systems. NTi Audio is proud to announce the addition of the capability for the FX100 to produce polar plots for loudspeakers. This measurement can be performed even in a reverberant room.

Such a loudspeaker test requires a turntable (onto which the loudspeaker is mounted) and a measurement microphone connected to the FX100. A software application performs the calibration and then starts the automated measurement sequence. The loudspeaker is turned through a sequence of angles. At each position a glide-sweep signal is fed to the loudspeaker and measured by the microphone. The results are delivered graphically.

You can find a demonstration of a loudspeaker polar plot measurement performed in a challenging acoustical environment in this Product Video.

Find more information about the FX100 Audio analyzer here.

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