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7. Jun. 2013

Operate the measurement microphones with 24V phantom power?

Yes, the measurement microphones M2230, M2211 and M2215 can be operated at lower phantom power voltages than 48 VDC at special applications without the XL2 Analyzer. The lower phantom power voltage reduces just the maximum sound pressure level of the measurement microphone. All other specified parameters remain applicable.

Maximum sound pressure level @ THD 3%, 1 kHz, Rp*:

Phantom Power
 M2230  M2211 M2215 
48 VDC
139 dBSPL
144 dBSPL
153 dBSPL
24 VDC
128 dBSPL
135 dBSPL
142 dBSPL
15 VDC
126 dBSPL
133 dBSPL
140 dBSPL
12 VDC
122 dBSPL
129 dBSPL
136 dBSPL

(*Rp = 6.8 kOhm @ U = 48 V, 1.2 kOhm @ 24 V, 680 Ohm @ 15,10 V) 

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