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27. Nov. 2015

Popular Customer Workshop in Oslo, Norway

Popular Customer Workshop in Oslo, Norway
NTi Audio offered free workshops on advanced environmental noise measurements and the optimization of audio-acoustic installations in Oslo, Norway. Customers from all over the country attended this event to learn more about simple and precise measurement solutions. These professional workshops were organized by the local partner Benum and held on the 19th November 2015.

Presented by Berno Nigsch, NTi Audio, Liechtenstein, the first part was dedicated to advanced environmental noise measurements. Topics ranged from the basic user operation, that is, starting the measurement automatically simply by powering on the XL2 Sound Level Meter, to detailed noise data analysis and reporting of large data volumes recorded during long-term measurements.


Professional outdoor noise measurement solutions with IP65 outdoor case rating for harsh environments were on offer.


Precise class 1 measurement microphones ensure reliable noise readings.

The second part of the workshop focused on the optimization of audio-acoustic installations. Here the verification of adequate speech intelligibility from evacuation systems in public areas is paramount. High speech intelligibility may save lives in an emergency situation. The customers learned many details about the principles of speech intelligibility as well as how the measurements are best performed with the standardized NTi Audio measurement kit. The comprehensive reporting tools save a lot of time in the final documentation of the results.



The Exel Set for Installed Sound applications offers the dedicated solution for professionals.

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