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17. Jul. 2013

Product training with WE School

NTi Audio contracted WE School Madrid to hold a Spanish-spoken two day seminar on the practical use of the handheld instruments for Live Sound and Installed Sound applications.

The seminar took place on the premises of WE School in Madrid and the course leader, James Woods, started by walking through the basics of acoustics. Following on from this, the course switched to practical applications using the MR-PRO signal generator. The participants were surprised to learn that the Minirator MR-PRO is more than a test tone generator. Much interest was shown in the discussion around the powerful advantages of also measuring the total load of loudspeakers in distributed lines.

Woods continued with the practical use of the XL2 Analyzer for sound pressure level measurements and spectral analysis. In the hands-on sessions the participants learned how to automatically acquire and log all necessary parameters for generating complete documented event reports. Intelligent averaging and spectral comparison helped the students to characterize and optimize the acoustic performance of speaker systems within minutes. The course concluded by highlighting the essentials of speech intelligibility measurements and suggesting ways to improve the STI scoring.


James Woods demonstrating the effect of reflections on polarity measurements

“Participants quickly grasp the basic operation of the handheld instruments range. It is always a pleasure to see that the more they work with the instruments the more they discover the power and positive impact on their daily work”, says Philipp Schwizer, CEO of NTi Audio who supervised the seminar.




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