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30. Nov. 2016

Workshops in Singapore Sold Out

Workshops in Singapore Sold Out

In October, two full-day audio measurement workshops took place in Singapore. The topics ranged from live sound through noise measurements to the optimization of electro-acoustic installations. The workshops were aimed specifically at users of the NTi Audio measurement devices.

Broadcast Professional Pte Ltd, the local NTi Audio partner in Singapore, invited their customers to the workshops. Within a few days both events were completely booked. In addition to many locals, participants from the neighboring countries of Malaysia and Indonesia also traveled to the workshops. Berno Nigsch flew in from the NTi Audio head office in Liechtenstein to present.

Practical Measurements Combined with Theory

Many participants brought their own NTi Audio measurement instruments along to the workshops. Broadcast Professional provided additional demo systems. This allowed many practical measurements to be carried out throughout the workshops. The first topic block focused on the typical challenges found in the live sound field and noise measurements in neighborhoods. Of great interest was NoiseScout - the new unattended noise monitoring solution - with online level monitoring via a website. One of the participants, Shafei from the Yale-NUS College, said, "This is a very useful and knowledgably seminar. My team and I benefit greatly."

Ambient Noise and Reverberation Influence Speech Intelligibility
The focus of the second topic block was on the optimization of electro-acoustic installations. Berno Nigsch explained the influence of the ambient noise and the reverberation time on the intelligibility of speech. The attendees learned in detail how the Minirator MR-PRO, TalkBox and XL2 Acoustic Analyzer can quickly determine the relevant parameters and test for optimization. The time-saving, detailed documentation of all measurement results completed the workshop.

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