Accessories for XL2 Analyzer

Type Approval Option

The Type Approval Option, when installed on your XL2, upgrades the instrument to the XL2-TA, the sound level meter for certified measurements. The XL2-TA, together with the M2230 microphone and Shroud jacket, forms a type-approved sound level meter offering class 1 performance in accordance with IEC 61672:2014, IEC 61260:2014, ANSI S1.4:2014 and ANSI S1.11:2014 standard.

Type approved sound level meter configuration:
  • XL2-TA Sound Level Meter (XL2 with Type Approval Option installed)
    • Firmware V3.11
    • Optional: Extended Acoustic Pack Option
    • Optional: XL2 Input Keypad
  • M2230 Measurement Microphone
  • Shroud MXA01

XL2-TA Type Approval Certificate

Extended Acoustic Pack Option

The Extended Acoustic Pack, when installed on your XL2, supports the daily tasks of acoustic consultants. It offers additional features for sound level logging and acoustic measurements, such as recording linear wav-files, percentile statistics, sound exposure level, 100 ms logging, event monitoring, reverberation time RT60 in 1/3 octave resolution, Zoom-FFT with 0.4 Hz resolution and many more.

  • SLMeter/RTA function
    • Recording of wav-files (24 bit, 48 kHz), a new wav-file is started after each hour (max. wav-file size 512 MB)
    • Percentiles for wide band and spectrum with flexible setting from 1% to 99%
    • Sound Exposure Level LAE
    • 100 ms logging
    • RTA logging of Lmin and Lmax
    • Event-triggered audio and data recording
    • Time weighting: Impulse (LxI, LxIeq with x= A, C, Z)
    • True peak level in 1/1 and 1/3 octave resolution
    • Clock-impulse maximum level (TaktMax) and values as specified in DIN 45645-1
    • Impulsiveness detection in accordance with BS4142:2014 and NordTest ACOU 112
  • FFT function
    • High-resolution Zoom-FFT with selectable frequency ranges and resolution up to 0.4 Hz in the range of 5 Hz to 20 kHz
  • RT60 function
    • Reverberation time RT60 in 1/3 octave resolution

NTi Audio #: 600 000 339

XL2 Sound Level Meter

Speech Intelligibility STIPA Option

The XL2 Analyzer, with the STIPA Option installed, measures the speech intelligibility according to the latest revision of standard IEC 60268-16:2011 (edition 4) and older editions. It offers ambient noise correction and automated averaging for repeated measurements. The XL2 displays the speech transmission index (STI) and the common intelligibility scale (CIS), accompanied by the individual levels and modulation indices of the seven octave bands.

The measurement results are acquired from the dedicated STIPA test signal source:
  • NTi Audio TalkBox
    Acoustic signal generator, required for audio systems with voice microphones, thus measuring the complete signal chain.
  • Minirator MR-PRO
    Test signal generator, required for audio systems with line inputs
  • STIPA Test CD

XL2 STIPA Analyzer

STI Reporting Tool

STIPA Reporting Tool(Click to enlarge)

The STI Reporting Tool creates measurement reports according to the IEC 60268-16 and VDE0833 standards. The tool calculates the effect of the actual ambient noise caused by the public onto the measured speech intelligibility. Thus it provides you the expected speech intelligibility in STI or CIS during real-life emergency announcements.

The STI Reporting Tool is free to download at the XL2 Support website.

System Requirements:
  • PC running Windows XP, 7, 8 and 10
  • Excel 2010, 2013 or 2016 (32 bit or 64 bit)

Cinema Meter Option

An XL2 Analyzer, with the Cinema Meter Option installed, forms the dedicated solution for efficient calibration and repetitive verification of cinema loudspeaker systems in accordance with SMPTE ST 202:2010 and SMPTE RP 200:2012. An interactive assistant guides the user through the calibration and verification process.


  • Generate measurement templates including the X-curve fitting best to the chosen cinema size.
  • Calibration assistant for reference data recording of each channel as well as headroom tests
  • Averaging measurement results of different microphone positions
  • Verification assistant for periodic cinema measurements and comparison against the reference data

User Manual

XL2 Cinema Meter

The M2211 Measurement Microphone with class 1 frequency response is recommended for accurate measurements in cinemas, as the specified tolerance bands are very tight.

Spectral Limits Option

Installing the Spectral Limits Option on your XL2 Analyzer is ideal for comparing spectral measurements against noise curves or a tolerance band and visualizing exceptions in every frequency band. This option allows comparisons against reference curves including PASS/FAIL results provided by the internal Limit-LED or an optional external Stack Light. The option also adds an RTA Analyzer with 1/6 and 1/12 octave spectral resolution, user-defined ranges for the FFT Analyzer and trace-capturing functionality. Spectral results can be shown on an absolute or relative curve display.

  • FFT and 1/12 octave function
    • Capturing of multiple readings into the internal memory
    • Comparing measurement results against captures with relative or absolute curve display
    • Comprehensive tolerance handling with tolerance masks based on captures for passed/failed measurements
    • Export and import of tolerance and capture files
  • 1/12 octave function
    • High resolution RTA function 1/12 Oct + Tol
    • Selectable 1/1, 1/3, 1/6 and 1/12 octave resolution
    • Frequency band listening at rear speaker
  • FFT function
    • High-resolution Zoom-FFT with selectable frequency ranges and resolution up to 0.4 Hz in the range of 5 Hz to 20 kHz
  • SLMeter/RTA function
    • True peak level in 1/1 and 1/3 octave resolution
  • Noise Curves
    • In accordance with ANSI S12.2-2008, -1995 and ISO 1996

NTi Audio #: 600 000 376

XL2 Sound Level Meter

Remote Measurement Option

The Remote Measurement option allows the real-time acquisition of XL2 measurement data directly into a computer application via USB. The option adds functionality to these NTi Audio ready-made computer applications:
  • For Live concerts - two additional functions are enabled in the Projector PRO software; the "XL View" for large screen dB level display, and "Sound Level Predictor" that indicates the headroom for the next few minutes.
  • For Building Acoustics - adds a real-time acquisition facility to the Sound Insulation Reporter software. To enable the import of measurement data into the XL2 Sound Insulation Reporter software the connected XL2s also require an activated Sound Insulation Option.
Alternatively you can write your own application, e.g. with MS Excel or LabView. This allows you to program your unique measurement applications for sound level monitoring or automated measurements. A documented command set for data retrieval via USB is available. The following XL2 measurement functions are supported:
  • Sound Level Meter and Spectrum Analyzer
  • FFT Analyzer
  • RT60 Reverberation Time
  • Audio Analyzer RMS/THD+N
  • High resolution RTA function 1/12 Oct

NTi Audio #: 600 000 375

User Manual

XL2 Data Explorer Option

The Data Explorer Option, when installed on your XL2, allows you to import logged sound level measurement data from your XL2 into the Data Explorer software, a PC-based software application with a powerful data processor for easy and fast analysis of noise monitoring data.

Visualize, analyze and control millions of data points with this tool that is dedicated to acoustic consultants and noise measurement professionals. It provides a convenient way to view and manage your data and quickly create customized reports.

Read more about the XL2 Data Explorer Software here.

NTi Audio #:
  • XL2 Data Explorer Option: 600 000 430
    (permanently installed option in XL2)
  • Data Explorer 365: 600 000 431
    (annual subscription service)
Product Data
User Manual

Other free reporting tools are offered for download at the XL2 support page.

XL2 Sound Insulation Option

The Sound Insulation Option enables the import of XL2 measurement data into the XL2 Sound Insulation Reporter software.

XL2 Sound Insulation Reporter is a PC-based software application that provides all the standard reports for Airborne, Impact and Facade sound insulation measurements. Designed for acoustic consultants, this comprehensive tool uses data gathered by the XL2 Acoustic Analyzer, and returns graphical analysis of all measurement positions.

Additionally the software offers the ability to acquire real-time data; two or more XL2 Sound Level Meters may be controlled directly by the software. This allows simultaneous wireless measurement in both the sending and receiving room onsite; saving time. To enable this real-time acquisition of data, the Sound Insulation Reporter software requires that the connected XL2s also have an activated Remote Measurement Option installed.

XL2 Sound Insulation Reporter Results

Features of the Sound Insulation Reporter software:
  • Airborne Sound Insulation
  • Impact Sound Insulation
  • Facade Sound Insulation
  • Visualization of all measurement
  • Customized Reporting
  • Conforms with standards ISO16283, ISO140, ISO717, Document E, ASTM E336, ASTM E413, ASTM E1007, ASTM E989, ASTM E966, ASTM E1332 and GB/T 19889

NTi Audio #:
  • XL2 Sound Insulation Option: 600 000 432
    (permanently installed option in XL2)
  • Sound Insulation Reporter 365: 600 000 433
    (annual subscription service)
Product Data
User Manual

XL2 Sound Power Option

XL2 Sound Power Reporter is a PC-based software application that provides comprehensive reports for sound power measurements in accordance with ISO 3741 / 3744 / 3746 and ANSI-ASA S12.51 / 54 / 56. Designed for industrial professionals, this comprehensive tool uses data gathered by the XL2 Sound Level Meter, and quickly returns graphical analysis of all measurement positions.

The Sound Power Option enables the import of measurement data into the XL2 Sound Power Reporter software.

XL2 Sound Power Reporter Results

Features of the Sound Power Reporter software:
  • Visualization of all measurement
  • Customized Reporting
  • ISO 3741, ISO 3744, ISO 3746
  • ANSI-ASA S12.51, S12.54, S12.56

NTi Audio #:
  • XL2 Sound Power Option: 600 000 434
    (permanently installed option in XL2)
  • Sound Power Reporter 365: 600 000 435
    (annual subscription service)
Product Data
User Manual

Sound Level Reporting Tool (free download)

Get your full report ready within minutes of completing the measurement. Just open the Sound Reporting Tool with Microsoft Excel and load the data file from the XL2 Sound Level Meter. The tool extracts all available data such as measurement date, start time, etc. and generates sound level charts. The entire measurement period is graphed with the relevant sound levels and legal limits where appropriate, allowing you to visualize the sound levels at a glance.

Demo report: (click to enlarge)

Sound Level Meter Report Demo 1 Sound Level Meter Report Demo 2


Please visit the  XL2 support page  to download the required templates.

XL2 Projector PRO (free download)

The Projector PRO software displays the XL2 screen in real-time via USB on the connected Windows or Mac computer. The software toolbar enables control of the XL2 with the mouse and keyboard. The background color turns from green to red  according to the user-defined limits.

The “XL View” and the “Sound Level Predictor” display extend the XL2 Projector PRO for live sound monitoring applications.
  • The “XL View” window presents sound levels in large size on the connected computer screen. Users may select to view one, two or three sound pressure levels. Exceeding levels are presented with a pre-warning amber or alarming red color.
  • The “Sound Level Predictor” visualizes the level history of the current measurement interval and indicates the headroom for the actual measurement period or the next few minutes. Green bars confirm that the present level is well below limits. Red bars are a call to action to reduce the sound level at the mixing desk. This allows the FOH engineer to optimize dynamic passages of the band for maximum audience satisfaction while still remaining within the legal limits.

Additionally the Projector PRO software offers the ability to retrieve measurement data from the XL2 without interruption to the measurement process. The entire file system of the XL2 is available while the XL2 is measuring.

The “XL View” and the “Sound Level Predictor” require that the Remote Measurement Option be installed on the XL2. The XL2 Projector PRO software is a free download for all registered XL2 customers at the XL2 Support website.

System Requirements:
  • Windows 7, 8, 10 or higher
  • Mac OS 10.8 or higher

Measurement Microphones

NTi Audio Measurement Microphone
A range of measurement microphones are available to suit your requirements. The measurement microphones combine with the XL2 for a comprehensive sound level meter and acoustic analyzer.

The microphones are 48V phantom powered and include an electronic data sheet. The Automated Sensor Detection (ASD) of the XL2 Analyzer automatically reads this data, i.e. the microphone model and calibration data. This promotes faster setup and ensures accurate measurements.

Read more ...

Weather Protection WP30 for M2230

Microphone Weather Protection
The WP30 Weather Protection is a professional outdoor weather protection kit for the M2230 microphone. Together they form the M2230-WP outdoor microphone. The corrosion-free polymer housing, wind screen, water-repellent membrane and bird spike provide excellent protection from rain, wind, dust and perching birds. It is dedicated for precise acquisition of environmental noise data in outdoor applications.

NTi Audio #: 600 040 060 (without microphone)

Product Data M2230-WP

Precision Calibrator 94/114 dB

Precision Calibrator 94/114 dB
The precision calibrator is used to ensure accurate sound level measurements. It generates 94 or 114 dBSPL reference tones @ 1 kHz for calibration of 1/2” measurement microphones. The optional 1/4” adapter is required to fit 1/4” measurement microphones.

NTi Audio #: 600 000 388

Product Data

1/4” Calibrator Adapter

Adapter to fit 1/4” measurement microphones into the NTi Audio Precision Calibrator.

NTi Audio #: 600 000 391

Ever-ready Pouch

Ever-ready Pouch
The Ever-ready Pouch protects the XL2 during transport and operation. With its convenient belt-clip, the XL2 can be kept close by for those tasks requiring both hands. The Ever-ready Pouch allows operation of the XL2 fitted in the pouch.

NTi Audio #: 600 000 335

Mains Power Adapter

Mains Power Adapter
Mains Power Adapter with removable plug types.
It suits the typical power sockets in Australia, China, Europe, Japan, US and UK; 100-240 VAC.
(Non-original power supplies may cause interferences with the measurement.)

NTi Audio #: 600 000 333

Battery Charger

Battery Charger
The Battery Charger efficiently recharges the spare battery whilst you are using your XL2 Audio and Acoustic Analyzer. One spare Li-Po battery is included with the battery charger.

NTi Audio #: 600 000 332

ASD Cable

ASD Cable
The ASD Cable allows for extended connections of the NTi Audio measurement microphones. It supports the transfer of the electronic data sheet from the microphone to the XL2 Analyzer.

NTi Audio #:
  • 5 meter (16 feet): 600 000 336
  • 10 meter (32 feet): 600 000 364
  • 20 meter (64 feet): 600 000 365

The ASD technology offers the electronic data sheet transfer for cable length until 20 meter (64 feet).

Ball Head Mount

NTi Audio Ball Head Mount

This flexible universal joint mounts the XL2 on a 1/4" or 3/8" stand. It provides the facility to mount the XL2 at any angle.

NTi Audio #: 600 000 387

A 5/8" stand requires additionally the Mounting Adapter, # 600 000 372.

Mounting Adapter

XL2 Mounting Adapter
This mechanical adapter piece mounts the XL2 on a microphone stand. Adapters for 3/8" or 5/8" stands are included.

International #: 600 000 372
Americas #: 600 000 373

Lightweight Tripod

Lightweight Tripod

Retractable, lightweight tripod with 1/4" ball head and 3/8" mounting thread. The flexible ball head mounts the XL2 Analyzer at any angle. The tripod is suitable for all measurement microphones, the outdoor microphone M2230-WP and the TalkBox.

Height: 115 - 140 cm, 45 - 55"

Weight: 1.4 kg, 50 oz
Folded: 11 x 8 x 56 cm, 4" x 3" x 22"
Unfolded area: 80 x 80 cm, 32" x 32"

NTi Audio #: 600 000 397

Limit Light

SPL Stack Light
The XL2 Sound Level Meter in combination with this Limit Light offers a turnkey solution for live sound monitoring.  The Limit Light provides a pre-warning with an orange light and indicates that levels have been exceeded with a red light. The sound level limits are set in the XL2.

NTi Audio #: 600 000 600

Product Data

Stack Light

SPL Stack Light
The XL2 Audio and Acoustic Analyzer in combination with this Stack Light provides a turnkey solution for noise level monitoring or passed / failed measurements where a prominent visual indication is required.

The Stack Light connects directly to the XL2 Analyzer and shows the actual measurement result with three different colors; green, orange and red.

NTi Audio #: 600 000 610

Product Data


The NetBox connects the XL2 Sound Level Meter to the internet for unattended noise monitoring. It transfers the measurement data to the fully-managed NoiseScout Web Portal in real time or provides a secure access to the instrument via the NTi Audio Gateway.

NTi Audio #:
  • NetBox (LAN & Wi-Fi): 600 000 450
  • NetBox with 3G Modem: 600 000 458
Data Credits:
  • 30 Days: 600 000 490
  • 100 Days: 600 000 491
  • 366 Days (1 year): 600 000 492
  • 1096 Days (3 years): 600 000 493
Product Data

Live Demo:

XL2 Input Keypad

XL2 Input Keypad
The XL2 Input Keypad offers four marker keys to trigger an event recording or categorize any noise during measurements. A typical application is the subjective categorizing of any annoying industrial noise by persons living in the neighborhood. The XL2 Analyzer connects directly to the XL2 Input Keypad. (requires Extended Acoustic Pack Option installed on your XL2)

NTi Audio #: 600 000 384

Product Data

Digital I/O Adapter PCB

Digital I/O Adapter PCB
The XL2 Analyzer together with the Digital I/O Adapter controls external peripherals, such as a big red-orange-green lamp displaying exceeding sound levels. The Digital I/O Adapter connects to the digital I/O interface of the XL2 Analyzer.

NTi Audio #: 600 000 380

Product Data

Exel System Case

Exel System Case
This compact system case provides the professional transport protection for work in the field. It offers space for the handheld instruments, cables and connectors.

NTi Audio #: 600 000 334

Basic Outdoor Case

Basic Outdoor Case
The Basic Outdoor Case is a simple and efficient solution for outdoor noise monitoring. Powered either by an external mains supply or a small, high capacity battery pack the case is more than adequate for a number of days of monitoring. The robust and lightweight design protects the XL2 and accessories from a wide range of inclement weather conditions.

Product Data

Heavy Duty Outdoor Case

XL2 Outdoor Case
The heavy duty outdoor case is a professional solution for short- and medium term unattended noise monitoring. The case provides comprehensive protection against dust, water and impacts. Internal dimensions provide ample space for battery packs to power the XL2 Sound Level Meter.

Product Data

Weatherproof Enclosure for Noise Monitoring Terminal

Noise Monitoring Terminal

The weatherproof enclosure is the tailored fixed installation solution for unattended noise monitoring. The enclosure is IP66 rated, highly secure and constructed of strong, hard-wearing reinforced fiberglass.

Product Data

Dodecahedron Speaker Set

DS2 Dodecahedron Speaker
The Dodecahedron Speaker Set provides a powerful signal source for room & building acoustic measurements. The optimized frequency spectrum delivers a high level of equalized sound energy in accordance with ISO 16283 and ISO 3382. The set includes the robust omnidirectional DS2 Dodecahedron Speaker and the remote-controlled PA3 Power Amplifier.

Product Data
User Guide

MA220 Microphone PreAmplifier

MA220 Microphone PreAmplifier
The MA220 is a low noise microphone preamplifier compatible with standardized 1/2" microphone capsules. It includes an electronic datasheet for fast setup and ensuring accurate measurements.

NTi Audio #: 600 040 040

Product Data

SD Card 32GB

Every 32 GB SD Card is individually tested

The XL2 requires an SD card that can continuously and simultaneously store many data streams. Unfortunately many cards available on the market are known to interrupt the read/write process for periods of more than 10 seconds. This leads to data loss in the XL2. These interruptions can occur regardless of the speed rating of the card. Even cards of the same type and from the same vendor behave differently depending on the production date. Therefore, to ensure the integrity of the XL2 data recording, NTi Audio verifies every single card over a period of several days before the card is sent to our customer.

NTi Audio # 600 000 386

XLR Adapter ASD

XLR male/female Adapter with electronic data sheet for automated sensor detection (ASD) of other sensors.

Application example:
This adapter stores the sensitivity of AFILS-Sensors in the installed electronic data sheet. The XL2 reads this information, is immediately ready for accurate measurements and documents this sensitivity data in the reports.

NTi Audio # 600 000 383

Product Data

ICP Adapter ASD

The ICP Adapter connects to the XL2 and generates ICP power supply for accelerometers and other custom sensors. The adapter offers an electronic data sheet, which stores the sensitivity and individual serial number of the connected sensor.

NTi Audio #: 600 010 223

Product Data

Vibration Sensor, Accelerometer

Vibration Sensor
Heavy-duty vibration sensor (accelerometer) with magnetic base.

  • Voltage Sensitivity = 100 mV/g
  • ICP Power Supply
    (requires ICP Adapter ASD)

NTi Audio # 600 010 347

Product Data

Accelerometer A4580

Vibration Sensor
The piezoelectric accelerometer (vibration sensor) A4580 is ideally suited for measuring the slightest vibrations as well as strong impacts. With its low weight of only 45 g the A4580 can be used for many applications. The included mounting magnet allows fixing the sensor to magnetic objects with a flat surface.

NTi Audio # 600 010 349

Product Data

Manufacturer Calibration Certificate

Manufacturer Calibration Certificate
The calibration certificate lists the individual product data with serial number. The calibration and adjustment procedures follow the documentation and traceability requirements of the EN ISO / IEC 17025 standard.

Annual re-calibration of the instrument after the purchase is recommended ensuring accurate measurements.

NTi Audio #: 600 000 018

Sample Manufacturer Calibration Certificates:

Sound Level Meter
Real Time Analyzer
Audio Analyzer
FFT Spectrum Analyzer
STIPA Analyzer

Contact NTi Audio

NTi Audio Contact Americas  
Brian MacMillan
+1 503 684 7050

Customer Comments

I Love It
“The XL2 is currently the world’s most versatile hand-held acoustic and audio analyser. I can do so much with it, and just love it! And in many ways, the associated Data Explorer software is much more versatile and easier to use than other leading industry equivalents.”
Glenn Leembruggen,
Acoustic Directions
, Australia

Very Simple to Use
"I must say that the instrument and the software are brilliant, and very simple to use, even for an old fogey like me."
Owen Clingan, UK

Better price with more versatility
"I am happy that you keep on developing new applications and uses for the XL2, it is quite a convenient and powerful tool. In my opinion it is a serious competition for the traditional sound level meters at a better price and with more versatility. The Type Approval is an important step forward in the acceptation of the system; even in situations where type approval is not really needed, it helps avoiding discussions on the validity of the measurements."
Ben Kok,, Netherlands

XL2 Data Explorer Software
"With regards to analyzing the recorded noise data: The idea of hovering over the marker text or locking the set of them is absolutely brilliant for assessing the tonality of a marked section. I could not have thought of a better system. And the percentile calculator letting you choose any marker, filter band or level parameter is just perfect."
Jason Dixon,, Australia