NTi Audio
Outdoor Noise Monitoring with XL2

Outdoor Noise Monitoring

with XL2 Sound Level Meter

FX100 for Easy Audio Test Integration in Production Lines

Easy Test Integration into Production Lines

with FX100 Analyzer

XL2 Data Explorer

XL2 Data Explorer

The fast track to
professional reporting


FX100 Audio Analyzer

The fast solution for
end-of-line testing



Sonómetros, generadores de señal y analizadores de audio analógico / digital.

Flexus FX100 Audio Analyzer Minirator NTi Audio TalkBox Measurement Microphones Digirator DR2 XL2 Audio and Acoustic Analyzer Minilyzer ML1 Acoustilyzer AL1 Digilyzer DL1NTi Audio Products

Seminarios y Webinars

Webinars gratuitos sobre la demanda de soluciones de medición específicos.



  • 28. jul. 2015
    Audio & Acoustic Seminar in Japan
    NTi Japan was privileged to present the XL2 Acoustic Analyzer to more than 70 sound engineers at Sound Festa in Osaka on 24th June 2015. The ...
  • 20. jul. 2015
    NTi Audio celebrates 15 years
    On a wonderful sunny day, we were privileged to celebrate our 15th anniversary with a barbeque on the stylish rooftop garden of our office building.
  • 10. jul. 2015
    Controlling the XL2 from your PC just got better
    With the XL2 Remote Measurement Option, you can connect your XL2 via USB to your PC and access a wealth of API commands. Control your XL2 from ...


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