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Vibration Option

The Vibration Option turns the XL2 Audio and Acoustic Analyzer into a professional vibration meter with broadband measurements and spectral analysis in 1/3 or octave resolution. The XL2 Vibration Meter determines vibration acceleration, velocity and deflection with standard-compliant weighting filters in the frequency range from 0.8 Hz to 2.5 kHz. Detailed recording of measurement data and audio files allow for comprehensive evaluation and reporting. In addition, the XL2 Vibration Meter comes standard with an FFT analysis and an oscilloscope function. Selectable FFT frequency ranges from 1 Hz to 1.69 kHz allow a detailed examination of the measured vibrations.

The Spectral Limits Option adds functions to the Vibration Meter including a zoom FFT up to 20 kHz and a 1/12 octave band analysis from 0.73 Hz to 1.36 kHz. Also, it adds the ability to record reference spectra and set tolerances for pass / fail quality control measurements. The Remote Measurement Option allows the real-time acquisition of measurement data directly into a computer application via the USB interface. A documented command set is available.

NTi Audio #: 600 000 436

Vibration Option


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