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XL2 with M4260 Measurement Microphone
XL2 Audio and Acoustic Analyzer

Minirator MR-PRO
Minirator MR-PRO

Help, I’ve got Hum!

The MR-PRO signal generator and XL2 Audio Analyzer are valuable instruments for fast troubleshooting of the audio signal path throughout the live system. Start by using the MR-PRO to verify the phantom power supply for microphones. Then to quickly find faults in cables and devices, send a balanced signal with the MR-PRO and measure balance, level and signal-to-noise ratio with the XL2. Additionally you can listen to the audio line with the XL2 internal speaker for a quick audible verification.

"Test 1, 2"

Test your system with the MR-PRO signal generator and XL2 Analyzer before the sound check starts. Set up PA systems and optimize the frequency response with the XL2 Analyzer. The reference memory allows you to match the sound of both the left and right speaker arrays, as well as the monitors.

Measure delay line time settings, and improve the total listening experience in the audience area. The XL2 Analyzer identifies any potential feedback frequencies. Also check any input channel with dynamic speech and instrument sounds provided directly by the MR-PRO, or use the sound signals to setup your reverb and delay effects processors.

As tough as your Roadie

The robust housing and soft shell are tailored for rough live sound environments. The combined battery and mains power operation ensures that your XL2 and MR-PRO are always ready to use – anywhere in the venue.



"This guy makes us sound good"

Use the XL2 Analyzer to set up PA systems and monitors. Generate pink noise with the MR-PRO signal generator and optimize the frequency response of your system with the XL2 Analyzer.


Exel Live Sound Set


  • XL2オーディオ&アコースティックアナライザ
  • M4261 測定用マイクロホン
  • Minirator MR-PRO
  • XL2用ASDケーブル
  • ケーブルテストプラグ
  • XL2用ACアダプタ
  • Exel システムケース


Reference Customers

Bayerische Staatsoper • Big Sky Acoustics Ltd • Business International Group LLC Oman • Cinema City Poland • City of Liverpool College • Cobra Sound Light • Cone Audio Ltda. ME • Elbklaenge Hamburg • Finnish National Opera Foundation • Friendship Sound • GMP Power Sp. z o.o., Sp. K. • Hamasaki Onkyo • Helsinki Pro Audio Ltd. • Intel GmbH • JFK Eventtechnik - Elektronik • Luzerner Theater • Meyer Sound Laboratories Inc. • Middlesex Sound and Lighting • Parkstad Limburg Theaters • Rhino Sound Systems • Staatsschauspiel Dresden • Stage-Conzept Showtechnik • Stockholms Dramatiska Högskola • Stratford Festivals • The Amsterdam Music Theatre • Viva Afrika Sound and Light • WTS Asia Pacific • Wuerth GmbH & Co KG

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Customer Comments

"I can’t think of a better pro audio measurement system."
(Paul Nicholson, Red Square Audio)