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28. 6. 2017

Sound Level Visualization with the Projector PRO

NTi Audio has launched a new generation of the very popular display projector for the XL2 Sound Level Meter. The XL2 Projector PRO software application connects via a USB port with the XL2 measuring device and visualizes its screen on a Windows or new Mac computer. Additionally, large level displays and a level predictor that looks into the future round off the functionality for live sound applications.

21. 6. 2017

Swen Mueller is back in Europe

Interview by Dieter Michel, editor of the PROSOUND magazine

During the visit of the NTi Audio booth Pro Light & Sound in Frankfurt, we met Swen Müller, an electronics engineer and signal processing specialist who is well-known in the audio scene as the author of expert articles and developer of measurement software. Him having vanished from the local scene for more than a decade, we took the opportunity for a short interview.

30. 5. 2017

Noise Monitoring Station with Remote Control

With a Noise Monitoring Station from NTi Audio, both short-term sound level measurements and long-term monitoring can be easily achieved. At the core is an XL2 Sound Level Meter, which in turn connects to the Internet via a NetBox. The remote access to the monitoring station is directly via the NTi Audio Gateway or the self-managing NoiseScout Web Portal.

24. 5. 2017

XL2 Sound Level Meter Calibration according to IEC61672

NTi Audio offers calibration services for its devices in addition to the broad range of audio, acoustic and vibration measurement solutions. Besides the calibration of individual system components, the sound level meter calibration according to IEC61672-3:2013 is now available for the XL2. The specified procedures for periodic sound level meter testing is followed and a comprehensive calibration certificate presented.

19. 4. 2017

TalkBoxに新たなテスト信号を搭載 (教育現場向け)

教育現場において講話者の音声がクリアに聴こえるかどうかは非常に重要な要素です。ノイズコンサルタント協会(ANC: Association of Noise Consultants)では教室で先生が話す通常の音声レベル(66.5 dB)を一般的な会話の音声よりも高い値に設定しています。NTi Audioでは、TalkBoxの音声明瞭度テスト用信号にこの音圧レベル66.5 dBを追加しました。全てのTalkBoxユーザーの方々が無償でアップグレードできます。
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