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23. 2. 2018

Speaker and Microphone Measurements: Eliminate reflections while testing

In acoustic measurements for quality testing of loudspeakers and microphones reflections can produce inaccurate results and should therefore be excluded as far as possible. There is a viable alternative to building a large anechoic chamber; testing can be done in a reverberant room, and the reverberation can be electronically removed from the measurement results...

19. 2. 2018

Live sound mixing – watch those bass frequencies for the neighbors

Getting a bass sound you can feel through your whole body and successfully blending it into the whole mix is a real payday when mixing live bands. We have noticed a trend in many countries around the world. The authorities are sitting up and paying attention to the affect the bass frequencies have on neighborhood noise. So, you need a sound...

29. 1. 2018

XL2 Remote Control via Web Browser

Remote monitoring of noise is getting easier: the XL2 Sound Level Meter can now be remotely controlled directly from a web browser. Level measurements can be executed remotely from your desk at home as if you were standing next to the instrument. Also, all recorded measurement data is immediately available for download.

19. 1. 2018

We are expanding our Design Team

For our product design team we are looking for a young

Software Engineer for Embedded LINUX Solutions

16. 1. 2018

Red Bull Culture Clash Johannesburg

Red Bull Culture Clash landed in Orlando Stadium, Johannesburg on the 23rd September. Four of the continents biggest artists and their crews took to the stage for four rounds of high intensity musical competition, with the winner decided by the sound level of the crowd response. Joynes Nash Ltd were brought over from the UK for ...

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