Impedance Meter


Minirator MR-PROはディストリビューションスピーカーシステムのインピーダンスと定格電力を測定します。仕様値と実測値の差により、例えば接続ミス、タップ配線の誤り、回路ショート等の問題を発見できます。オプションの70V/100Vプロテクトアダプタを使用することにより、MR-PROを安全に使用できます。

The impedance test supports the verification of distributed loudspeaker installations and shows detailed information of the connected load. The test result shows if the connected speaker system is in good order as well as the required amplifier power ratio. The power is automatically calculated by the measured impedance for 25 V, 35 V, 50 V, 70.7 V, 100 V, 140 V, 200 V systems.

      Minirator MR-PRO Impedance Detail       Minirator MR-PRO Power
                    Impedance and Phase                                    Apparent Power and Phase

Detecting Installation Problems

The Minirator MR-PRO helps to detect problems, such as
  • Speakers not connected
  • Speakers wrongly connected
  • Connection to wrong transformer taping, e.g. 1 Watt instead of 2 Watt
  • Short Circuits
  • Other external products, such as fire alarm devices connected
  • Bad connection cable

Advantage of MR-PRO Measurement Technology

Vibration and environment noise within the area of the speaker commonly effects the speaker impedance measurement results of other test instruments. The MR-PRO impedance measurement includes technology for achieving stable readings within noisy environments.

Measurement Hints

  • Disconnect the 100V amplifier from the distributed speaker system prior any measurements.
  • The typical test frequency is 1 kHz.

70V/100V Protective Adapter for MR-PRO

70V/100V Protective Adapter for MR-PRO
Protects the Minirator MR-PRO against accidentally applied voltages during impedance or power testing at distributed 70V/100V speaker systems.




Exel Impedance Meter Kit

  • Minirator MR-PRO
  • 70V/100V プロテクトアダプタ
  • MR-PRO用ACアダプタ
  • Exelシステムケース


Minirator MR-PRO

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