Speaker Testing Solutions

Driver Testing

Woofers with large mechanical dimensions are challenging objects for quality control. The transfer function and acoustical performance needs to be measured in axis from the front. A woofer with its big membrane area and low frequency characteristics acts more or less like a piston with very large excursions.

It is obvious that manufacturing defects are most audible close to the motor itself. The front microphone inside the test box is somewhat shielded by the membrane and in some cases not very effective. With a second microphone mounted at the rear-side, any Rub & Buzz can be measured, which is not audible from the front. The offered DC resistance measurement ensures accurate Thiele/Small parameter testing for all woofer types.

Test Configuration:

FX100 Configuration Woofer

Order Information

Flexus FX100 Audio Analyzer

PureSound™ Speaker Test System

  • Flexus FX100 Audio Analyzer
  • Speaker Impedance Module FX-SIH
  • Input Switcher Module FX-IS
  • PureSound™ Option
    (includes RT-Speaker Software)
  • 2x Measurement Microphone M2010
  • Power Amplifier RA150
  • Environment Sensor
  • Precision Calibrator 94/114 dB
  • FX100 Rack Mounting

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