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Battery Pack

Battery Pack
The lightweight Lithium Ion battery with a nominal capacity of 39 Wh serves as a portable power source where no AC-mains connection is available. After charging the battery for approximately 6 hours, the stored energy typically provides the following operating hours:
  • XL2 Analyzer: 24 hours
  • TalkBox: 12 hours (default STIPA signal)

NTi Audio #: 600 000 086

Product Data

Manufacturer Calibration Certificate

Manufacturer Calibration Certificate
The calibration certificate lists the individual product data with serial number. The calibration and adjustment procedures follow the documentation and traceability requirements of the EN ISO / IEC 17025 standard.

Annual re-calibration of the instrument after the purchase is recommended ensuring accurate measurements.

NTi Audio #: 600 000 018

Sample Manufacturer Calibration Certificates:

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