Dodecahedron Speaker

Compact. Lightweight. Powerful.

  • 전방향성 음원(Omnidirectional Sound Source)
  • DS3 Dodecahedron Loudspeaker
  • PA3 Power Amplifier

액세서리 어플리케이션 기술적 자료

Omnidirectional DS3 Dodecahedron Speaker는 작고 가볍지만 강력하기 때문에 실내 및 건물 음향 측정 어플리케이션이 가능합니다. 최적화된 주파수 응답은 ISO 16283 및 ISO 3382 표준에 따라 정밀한 측정을 보장합니다. Dodecahedron Speaker Set는 DS3는 원격 제어 PA3 Power Amplifier와 같이 구성되어있습니다.


  • Acoustically flat frequency response
  • Maximum sound power typical 121 dB
  • Wireless remote control


DS3 Dodecahedron Loudspeaker와 PA3 Power Amplifier로 구성된 Dodecahedron Speaker Set는 실내 및 건물 음향의 일일 측정 작업에 전문가가 사용할 수 있도록 설계된 측정 장비입니다. 고유의 정밀도, 가벼운 무게 및 편리한 작동과 최적화 된 설계가 되어있습니다.

DS3 Dodecahedron Loudspeaker는 12개의 개발된 동적 드라이버로 구성되어있어 음향 테스트 신호의 균일한 방출을 보장하며, PA3 Power Amplifier는 DS3에 핑크 노이즈를 공급합니다. PA3과 DS3의 조합은 free-field조건에서 음향적으로 핑크 노이즈를 생성합니다.

DS3 Dodecahedron Speaker

The DS3 Dodecahedron Speaker is minimized in weight while providing maximum performance and long-term stability. With only 7.5 kg and a typical sound power level of 121 dB, the DS3 is most suitable for use on site. The high-performance dynamic driver frames are made of solid aluminum. This provides efficient heat dissipation and hours of level stability. The robust protective grilles prevent damage to the membranes under tough transportation and working conditions. Using the DS3 as a reference sound source provides precise measurement results.

PA3 Power Amplifier

The portable PA3 Power Amplifier contains a DSP-based signal generator with equalizer. In conjunction with the DS3 Dodecahedron Speaker, a pink noise is produced with an acoustically flat frequency response. The equalization ensures that the ISO 16283-1 requirement of ≤ 8 dB difference between contiguous 1/3rd octave bands in the emitted sound is met. A test signal optimized for maximum sound power is available as well as an external audio input socket.

All operating components are positioned on the sloping sides of the amplifier and illuminated - thus easily recognizable and accessible from a standing position. For low-frequency measurements, an active subwoofer can also be connected. The test signal can be switched on and off from outside the measuring room with the push of a button on the supplied radio remote control.



Dodecahedron Speaker Set

  • PA3 Power Amplifier
    with built-in noise generator
  • DS3 Dodecahedron Speaker
  • Speaker Stand for DS3

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