IB01 Impact Ball

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The Impact Ball IB01 is a precision impact source for building acoustic measurements. It was developed as a lightweight, easy-to-use source for general impact assessment, both in situ and in the laboratory, with ideal performance for applications in wooden buildings, providing a highly accurate representation of human activities and low-frequency excitation. 

At a glance

  • Lightweight
  • Easy-to-use
  • Human activities' representation


The Impact Ball IB01 is an Impact source to carry out impact sound measurement in accordance with current building regulations and standards. It ensures precise impact noise measurements in accordance with the ISO 16283-2 standard and ISO 10140-5 in laboratory applications. This source provides low-frequency excitation from 50 Hz to 630 Hz band. 

Every piece is tested on our reference test stand against the standard to ensure many years of reliable service.


It consists of a rubber mixing of silicone with 180 mm in diameter and 2.50 kg weight and comes with a practical carrying bag and a meter


Typically, the ball is used on building elements like stairs or wooden floors and is dropped vertically from a height of 1 m (± 1 cm) at several positions. The Sound Pressure Level is measured in the receiving room with a Sound level Meter like XL2 or XL3. In combination with the Sound Insulation Reporter software the evaluation of measurements and the reporting is easely possible.

Impact Sound Measurement with the IB01 Impact Ball


The Impact Ball has passed rigorous tests, including quasi-static, dynamic, life cycle tests with over 10,000 cycles, and performance behavior with different temperatures and humidity, confirming its quality. It complies with the ISO 16283-2 and ISO 10140-5 standards.




Impact Ball IB01 Kit

IB01 Impact Ball

The scope of delivery is including
  • Meter
  • Carring Bag

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