Sorama CAM iV64

Accurate sound visualization

  • Sound level meter mode
  • Real-time spectrum / spectrogram
  • Far-field sound source localization and visualization

Product Data

NTi Audio has integrated the Sorama Acoustic Camera into its portfolio to offer customers a cutting-edge solution for acoustic measurement and analysis. The Sorama camera provides detailed and accurate visual representations of sound fields, allowing users to quickly identify and address any potential sound quality issues.

At a glance

  • Add visual dimension to your sound analysis
  • Optimize insulation by detecting sound leaks within buildings e.g. through windows, doors and isolation
  • Identify unknown and undesirable sound sources e.g. high peep or low buzz sounds
  • Show reflective surfaces
  • Provide real-time acoustic insights, both visual and factual, for yourself and your clients

Valuable insights for noise localization

The Sorama CAM iV64 enables you – directly out of the box – to show accurate sound levels as well as detecting and visualizing where a specific sound is coming from.

This handheld acoustic camera is designed for users who want to have all necessary acoustic information available in real-time, both in the lab and in the field. Just point and shoot and the results will be shown on the user-friendly 7-inch touch-screen.

The Sorama CAM iV64 is equipped with 64 MEMS-microphones in an optimized sunflower pattern. It will deliver valuable insights of noise localization and sound level measurements, including a spectrum and a spectrogram.

Acoustic Camara


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