02. juin 2015

Loudspeaker Testing - Simple & Reliable like never before

Loudspeaker Testing - Simple & Reliable like never before

Testing your loudspeakers, transducers or subassemblies has never been easier. Just connect your device under test (DUT) directly to your FX100 Audio Analyzer and begin measuring. No more hassle with external amplifiers and shunt resistors, cable dangle or measurement errors due to uncalibrated gain. The new integrated FX-SIP module with its powerful amplifier and impedance measurement capability offers unrivalled performance, reliability and ease-of-use.

The new FX-SIP plug-in board features several outstanding specification details:


  • Power bandwidth: 5 Hz to 80 kHz
  • Output power: 2*10 W into 2 Ω / 4 Ω or 1*30 W into 2 Ω / 4 Ω
  • Distortion: typ. 0.001 % @ 2 W output
  • Impedance measurement: DC and AC, 0 to 250 Ω
  • Amplifier output impedance: < 50 mΩ
  • Direct connection to DUT

All-in-one Solution
Take advantage of the simplest electroacoustic transducer test setup available using the FX100 audio analyzer with the new FX-SIP module. This stand-alone solution makes external equipment such as an amplifier, shunt resistor or complex cabling totally redundant. Just connect your loudspeaker(s) directly to the output(s) of the FX-SIP board, set up the test parameters under the FX-Control or RT-Speaker software and off you go!

Pure Reliability



Another key benefit of this solution is its reliability, due to the integration of the whole measurement chain. The FX100 Analyzer has therefore full control over all relevant modules and test parameters such as gain, current sensor or short circuit protection. In combination with NTi Audio's outstanding PureSound™ measuring method for the detection of audible errors, this unique system optimizes the robustness, reliability and precision of loudspeaker testing.

Simple Integration
Installing a transducer test system in an automated environment is now easier than ever before. The compact dimensions of the FX100 Audio Analyzer, in conjunction with the integrated high-performance amplifier and current sensor makes this system a first-class solution for professional loudspeaker test applications.

The FX-SIP module for the FX100 Audio Analyzer is available from our valued partners.

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