01. avril 2019

NEW BS3 Tapping Machine

NEW BS3 Tapping Machine

The remote-controlled TM3 Tapping Machine is a precision impact noise source for building acoustic measurements. It reproduces adult human footsteps. There is sometimes cause for concern for noise that is produced by the footsteps of children. In order to accommodate this frequent measurement requirement we have launched the BabySteps BS3 accessories. 

The hammers on the TM3 are precisely dampened to the level of an average child. The BS3 is packaged as a set of 5 damping shoes. 

The BS3 shoe set is available in a variety of colors to suit your taste. Traditional baby blue and baby pink, neutral yellow, dull grey, Generation Z mauve or slightly-off-lilac, or rasta red, green and yellow.

To reproduce the footsteps created by two children, we can offer, for a limited period only, two TM3 Tapping Machines for the price of two, PLUS two FREE BS3 sets of your choice.



Categories: Room & Building Acoustics