12. septembre 2016

Simple Live Sound Monitoring with XL2

Simple Live Sound Monitoring with XL2
The XL2 Sound Level Meter is the ideal instrument for level monitoring of live events. Using pre-defined profiles, the device starts measuring immediately after simply switching it on. What’s more, the new external Limit Light display is clearly visible to the mix engineer. To meet the latest requirements for consideration of bass-heavy performances, the XL2 now also measures the gliding C-weighted average LCeq in 5 seconds to 60 minute intervals as well as the 63 & 125 Hz band levels.

The XL2 Sound Level Meter provides a complete solution for easy live event monitoring in accordance with standards. Once powered on, the device automatically starts measuring, providing accurate results every time. In addition to the measurement data, the XL2 simultaneously records the audio signal as a WAV-file. If it is necessary to analyze the data at a later stage, the audio recording supports the process in determining the cause of any potential limit violations.

New Limit Light for Live Sound
With the newly available external Limit Light display, the front-of-house engineer gets an inexpensive visualization tool for monitoring the levels during a live event. For convenience, the Limit Light and the XL2 are powered by the same mains adapter. The limit levels are set within the XL2 Sound Level Meter and stored in a profile for re-use.

No Spaghetti
The mixing console is often positioned in a space-limited area. The Limit Light was therefore designed so that it can also be operated at some distance from the measuring device. Thus the XL2 can be conveniently placed at a suitable position with the Limit Light mounted via a single XLR cable on the console. To accommodate the variations in background brightness at live events, a rotary dial dims the LED lights to suit even the darkest of environments.

Monitoring Low-Frequencies
The XL2 Sound Level Meter continuously monitors the low-frequency band levels at 63 and 125 Hz. Additionally, more and more live sound customers requested that the XL2 measure the gliding C-weighted average, in order to evaluate the low-frequency sound components at an event via a broad band level. The additional measurement of this moving average level LCeq in intervals of 5 seconds to 60 minutes is now offered by the XL2 Analyzer. In order to determine the level at the loudest point in a fixed venue, the XL2 now also stores the correction values k1 and k2 within the measurement profile. This allows the sound guy to simply select the pre-defined profile, and be ready for monitoring within a matter of seconds.

“Limit Light” product data sheet

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