11. mars 2015

Top Class but cost efficient Solution for Electro-acoustic Quality Control

Top Class but cost efficient Solution for Electro-acoustic Quality Control
It is common to find electro-acoustic components, such as speakers, buzzers and microphones, in a variety of products like washing machines, freezers, vacuum cleaners and cars. On the production line, these components should be tested as part of the Quality Control process. NTi Audio provides the XL2 Audio and Acoustic Analyzer as a top-class entry-level QC test solution that produces reliable results every time. This solution can equally test the sound of mechanical components such as drills, where product quality decisions are based on the frequencies of the mechanical sound produced.

The basis for sound quality testing in a production line is the frequency spectrum generated by the component under test. The setup process starts by recording the typical spectrum of a test specimen and defining the acceptable statistical deviations. This "acoustic fingerprint" is then compared with components in the production line. The XL2 provides this solution.

In its simplest form, the XL2 displays the fingerprint of the test specimen, together with the actual spectrum of the component under test. A trained eye can view and compare these, make a visual quality decision and store the result on the XL2.

PASS/FAIL Automation
The process can be further automated using the XL2 "Spectral Limits" Option. Clear PASS/FAIL signal lights are provided, highlighting deviations within each frequency band.

PLC Integration
The XL2 can also be integrated into larger production systems. Linked to a PLC using the NTi Audio "Digital I/O Adapter", the test can then be started by the PLC and the result passed back.

Full Remote Control
Take the XL2 a step further with the "Remote Measurement" Option, providing you with access to live data and the ability to program complex test sequences from programming languages such as C #, Python, LabView or even VBA in Microsoft Excel.

Industry Standards in Audio
With a distortion of less than 0.001% and an accuracy better than 0.1 dB over the entire frequency spectrum, the XL2 is the reference class of handheld acoustic and audio analyzers and is ideal for testing audio components in a production line. Comprehensive filter functions and measurement values, typically associated with the testing of audio components, are inherent in the device.

The XL2 is established as one of the most popular and reliable professional sound level meters. In the area of quality control, you will realize and appreciate the full performance capability of the XL2 Audio and Acoustic Analyzer.

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