26. février 2014

XL2 Data Explorer - the Fast Track to professional reporting

XL2 Data Explorer

The highly anticipated release of Data Explorer, the latest in PC reporting software for precision-grade noise measurements, is here. With a design inspired by users of the XL2 Acoustic Analyzer, the Data Explorer is an ideal sound level meter companion offering clear visualization, fast data analysis and professional reporting of environmental noise measurements.   

The Data Explorer software visualizes the entire data set including spectrogram and provides very fast zoom and pan response, even for data sets with millions of data points. Audio files are time-aligned to the graph for instantaneous playback including proper levelling. “Include Markers” allow level calculations in specific areas of interest while “Exclude Markers” eliminate unwanted areas from the level calculations. All measurement results are immediately recalculated after Markers are set; a useful tool for What-if Analysis. Create professional reports with a mouse click and customize your reports with titles, comments and your own logo. The XL2 Data Explorer PC software automatically adds relevant header data such as the measurement date, calibration information, instrument setup etc., to produce a tailored and professional-looking report. 

“The introduction of the Data Explorer software is an important milestone for NTi Audio as it is an evident tool for professionals to manage and report on large data sets ” comments Philipp Schwizer, CEO of NTi Audio and further adds “The very positive feedback from the market confirms that we are meeting a big demand with this package”.

The XL2 Data Explorer software is available now. The installation on multiple PCs provides consultants with the freedom to distribute their measurement projects among team members and clients. The data import into the software is enabled by an option installed in the XL2 Sound Level Meter. The installation of the XL2 option requires firmware V2.72 or higher. Legacy data import recorded prior the option installation is supported.

Download the XL2 Data Explorer software here.
Download the latest XL2 firmware V2.72 here.
Read more details about the XL2 Data Explorer PC-software here.

Press Picture(s) for download here.

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