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21. févr.. 2017

Let’s Clear Up Some Things About FFT…

Part 1 of 2: The basics

The "Fast Fourier Transformation" (FFT) is an important measurement method in science of audio and acoustics measurement. It converts a signal into individual spectral components and thereby provides frequency information about the signal. FFTs are used for fault analysis, quality control, and condition monitoring of machines or systems. This article explains how an FFT works, the relevant parameters and their effects on the measurement result.

30. janv.. 2017

Power Measurements in Service and Quality Assurance

The XL2 Audio Analyzer measures power in Watts and dBm. Thus, the maximum output power of, for example, an audio amplifier or a headphone output can be determined quickly and easily. With this new functionality, the XL2 underlines its position as a professional measuring tool in quality assurance, maintenance and service.

1. janv.. 2017

NTi Audio Creates a New Distribution Channel in Germany

With the start of 2017, the newly-founded NTi Audio GmbH took over responsibility for the sales and customer support for the XL2 Sound Level Meter and the FX100 Audio Analyzer. Customers in Germany now benefit from direct manufacturer support.

1. janv.. 2017

NTi Announces New GM and Corporate Transition

NTi Audio AG and NTI Americas Inc. announce that effective January 2017 the Americas operations at NTI Americas Inc. will be converted to NTi Audio Inc., a new wholly-owned subsidiary of NTi Audio AG of Liechtenstein. This also reflects the purchase of NTI Americas Inc. and the retirement from NTi of Thomas E. Mintner, the founder and president of NTI Americas Inc..

18. déc.. 2016

Sound Insulation PC Software available for XL2

NTi Audio offers a new professional software package for determining the sound insulation of buildings measured with the XL2 Sound Level Meter. The "Sound Insulation Reporter" PC software generates simple yet detailed sound measurement reports that comply with the standards. The software provides building acoustic consultants with a clear visualization of the recorded XL2 measurement data.

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