02. octubre 2013

Anechoic Acoustic Measurements with the FX100 Audio Analyzer

The FX100 Audio Analyzer now supports anechoic acoustic measurements under reverberant conditions. This feature delivers free-field frequency response results, even in suboptimal acoustical environments. The test is performed with a logarithmic GlideSweep.

The room reflections can be excluded from the measurement results by introducing a time-window to the signal processing. A comfortable wizard in the FX-Control software allows localizing the reflections in an impulse-response or energy-time curve (ETC) display. The time-window can then be graphically placed in front of the reflections, thus feeding the measurement algorithm with the direct sound signal only. The influence of the time-window to the frequency response becomes visible in real time.

“Being able to conduct impulse response measurements in a non-anechoic environment extends the measurement application range for our customers. It adds free-field-like QC measurements of speaker systems directly on the production line together with available PureSound defect detection", comments Philipp Schwizer, CEO.



The latest FX100 firmware and FX-Control software are available free of charge for registered FLEXUS customers here.


Application Example

Frequency Response of a Speaker (measured with reflections from walls and ceiling):

Measured Impulse Response:

Cutting off the reflections manually from walls and ceiling:

Resulting actual Frequency Response of the Speaker (without any room reflections):


Press Picture(s) for download here.

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