01. febrero 2012

Flexus FX100 Audio Analyzer

Flexus FX100

FX100 is a professional Audio analyzer that optimally fits both lab applications and the production floor. The flexible architecture allows for tailoring of the system exactly to the customer’s requirements, while the comprehensive functionality and high measuring speed make it the ideal choice for virtually every audio testing environment. Furthermore, full support provided by the FX-Control software suite ensures an intuitive and straightforward operation of the system.

The key highlights of the FX100 system can be summarized as follows.

• Maximum measuring speed based on state-of-the-art GlideSweep analysis
• High flexibility due to modular architecture
• Comprehensive functionality with leading-edge specifications
• Intuitive operation through the thought-out software design
• Easy reference data acquisition and tolerance definition
• Advanced features allow quick realization of complex test setups
• State-of-the art data logging functionality

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