27. noviembre 2013

Sovico stages NTi Audio seminar in Korea

Sovico stages NTi Audio seminar in Korea
The Korean NTi Audio Partner, Sovico, held an audio-acoustic measurement seminar on the 26th September 2013. The half-day workshop covered the commissioning, setup and service of installed sound systems, supported by the handheld XL2 Audio and Acoustic Analyzer.

Customers joined the seminar from a variety of industries, such as broadcasters and technicians from major movie theatres and concert halls. Specialized audio consultants based in the Seoul region also participated. Sovico’s senior Audio & Acoustic Consultant Gun Chang Moon M.Sc. lead the participants through the workshop.

Simple Measurement of Speech Intelligibility
In the first block he introduced the XL2 Analyzer as the portable solution for on-site commissioning and service of electro-acoustic sound systems. How to measure and improve speech intelligibility was discussed, identifying the parameters that most influence the intelligibility; sound pressure level, reverberation time RT60, signal-to-noise ratio, delay lines etc. Furthermore Moon showed how to quickly verify 100V lines using the impedance test of the handheld Minirator MR-PRO.

XL2 measures Airborne Sound Insulation
The second half of the seminar was devoted to building acoustic applications for airborne and structure-borne sound insulation measurements. Moon reported: “Our customers find the convenience of the handheld XL2 Acoustic Analyzer to be particularly interesting as opposed to using Smaart Live Software. Using the portable XL2 provides accurate measurements on-site and immediately provides a detailed view of the acoustics”.


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