05. mayo 2014

XL2 Data Explorer features extended

XL2 Data Explorer features extended

The release of the XL2 Data Explorer Software version 1.10 adds level statistics and spectral calculations and increases presentation capabilities. The software update is available for download free of charge for all XL2 Data Explorer users.

The recent introduction of the XL2 Data Explorer Software was very well received. Based on feedback from customers, our software development team has now extended the features including the addition of percentile calculations. This allows the user to determine and graphically display the probability level distribution of a marked interval or the entire data set. In addition an editable set of distinct percentile levels are displayed.

The XL2 Data Explorer Version 1.10 also supports spectral calculations from the RTA data for any marked area. These spectra are displayed and can be exported to other applications for further data processing.

The XL2 Data Explorer now supports third-octave band calculations
of the entire project as well as selected markers


This software update is free for all existing XL2 Data Explorer users.

Download the XL2 Data Explorer software here.
Read more details about the XL2 Data Explorer PC-software here.



Press Picture(s) for download here.

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