09. octobre 2017

Professional Reports for Noise Consultants

Professional Reports for Noise Consultants

Providing reports that look professional and contain detailed relevant information is a must for any professional Noise Consultant. The powerful Data Explorer Software provides such reports using data acquired directly from the XL2 Sound Level Meter. Report on continuous 1/3-octave data with max and min values in every frequency band, and freely switch within the Data Explorer amongst A, C and Z weightings.

The XL2 is a fully-featured logging Sound Level Meter. Now you can get more out of the XL2 with the latest Data Explorer Software. The spectrum provides important additional information, which cannot be inferred from the broadband levels alone; is it a high-pitched noise or a low-frequency hum? Does the spectrum correlate with rotating parts in a machine? Does a particular frequency band consistently stick out of the spectrum as a tonal sound? This analysis is also critical when applied, for example, to traffic, aircraft or wind turbine noise evaluation.

How to Measure Fluctuating Noise
A fluctuating noise can be perceived as being more annoying than a steady noise. To catch such sporadic noise in a measurement the XL2 logs the minimum and maximum level (Lmin, Lmax) as well as the mean value (Leq) for every frequency band in the spectrum. Comparing Lmax, Lmin, and Leq is an easy way to see how the sound varies. Thus, for example, reliable data is available on the spectral dynamics of a musical performance, or whether a particular machine emits a steady or fluctuating noise.

Save Time Producing Reports
The XL2 measures spectral noise with the frequency weightings A, C or Z. Within the Data Explorer the frequency weighting of the 1/3-octave spectrum can be easily changed, regardless of the setting chosen during the measurement. Thus, a comprehensive data analysis can be done at any time with any weighting. This is useful, for example, for occupational health measurements, where commonly A-weighting sound pressure levels are used to accommodate the frequency sensitivity of the human ear. If, however, the technical analysis of machine noises with a disturbance frequency or a resonance is to be done, then usually the Z-weighting (=no weighting) is the right choice. This is another way that the Data Explorer simply organizes the logged data, handling mundane and repetitive tasks, so you have the time to do more valuable things.

Data analysis distributed over several PCs
To measure the max, min and mean spectral values, the XL2 Sound Level Meter requires the optional Extended Acoustic Pack and firmware V3.32 or higher. Data import from the XL2 into the Data Explorer software is only possible with the Data Explorer Option installed on the XL2 or with the annual subscription service Data Explorer 365.

The Data Explorer software itself can be installed on any number of PCs. The software is freely available for all users to download. The extensive data analysis is supported with Data Explorer version 1.70. The XL2 firmware V3.32 and the Data Explorer V1.70 are available to any registered user for free download.

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