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Data Explorer

Data Explorer is a PC-based software application with a powerful data processor for easy and fast analysis of sound level measurement data. Visualize, analyze and control millions of data points with this tool that is dedicated to acoustic consultants and noise measurement professionals. It provides a convenient way to view and manage your data and quickly create customized reports.

At a glance

  • Data visualization

  • Audio playback synchronized to graph

  • Customized reporting



XL2 Data Explorer


  • Data visualization
  • Fast zoom and pan
  • Audio playback synchronized to graph
  • Markers with on-the-fly calculation
  • Automated tonal and impulsive marker generation
  • Percentile levels Ln calculation
  • Rating level Lr calculation
  • Customized reporting

Introduction to Data Explorer


Level View with Audio Playback

The chart view shows the logged levels, audio player, spectrogram and frequency spectrum. Mark areas of interest in the graph with a text description and eliminate unwanted noise sources from your final result using "Exclude Markers". The marked areas are summed and appear in your report.

XL2 Data Explorer

Flexible Data Analysis

A drop-down menu allows you to select the individual levels displayed in the chart. Select one or more, or a range of one-third octave bands for display against time. The fast zoom and pan response over the entire data log period allows for quick data analysis, even with very large data sets. Audio recordings are time-aligned to the graphs. Listen to the recordings for a more objective analysis of the noise sources with manual or automatic gain control.

XL2 Data Explorer

Level Statistics

The software provides a detailed statistical analysis of the logged sound level measurement data. The percentiles can be calculated for wide band levels as well as 1/1 and 1/3 octave band levels. Data Explorer calculates the level statistics of the complete measurement or marked time periods as part of the post-measurement analysis. Excluded periods are considered.

XL2 Data Explorer

Tonality and Impulsiveness Detection

Generate automated markers based on levels, tones, impulses or time periods in accordance with the ISO 1996:2-2017, BS 4142:2014, DM 16 marzo 1998, Arrêté du 23_01_97 and other standards. Each marked period may be exported into a new project for further evaluation by third parties.

Calculate the FFT based on a recorded audio file for an objective audible assessment of tones in noise in accordance with the engineering methods described in ISO 1996:2-2017, DIN 45681 and BS 4142:2014.

XL2 Data Explorer

Rating Level

Data Explorer calculates the rating level Lr with automated penalties for tone, impulsiveness and nighttime in accordance with the BS4142, DIN 45645, and the Italian DM 16 marzo 1998 standards. The day-night levels Lden, Ldn, Lday, Levening, Lnight are also available.

XL2 Data Explorer

Audit Interval Levels

The tabular representation shows all results in a structured and intuitive way. It lists the marked periods and the final result for direct export to Excel. Additionally, Data Explorer divides the noise level data in audit intervals with selectable length of 1, 2, 5, 10, 15, 30, or 60 minutes.

XL2 Data Explorer

Measurement Report

Complete your professional reports with customized titles and comments. The Data Explorer automatically adds relevant header data such as the measurement date, calibration information, instrument setup etc., and compiles a tailored report. Simply add your own company logo.

XL2 Data Explorer


Evaluate Data Explorer now

Feel free to test the Data Explorer with demo data. Data Explorer is a free-to-use PC software. The data import from the Sound Level Meter is chargeable.

Download here

System requirements: PC with Windows Vista, 7, 8.x, 10, 11

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Get the Data Explorer Software

The purchase of a Data Explorer 365 subscription allows the unlimited import of measurement data from one instrument into the Data Explorer PC-Software for a period of one year. Data which has been recorded prior the subscription may then also be imported. Alternatively, a permanent license is available for each instrument.

Multiple Installation

The Data Explorer software can be installed on multiple computers. This provides consultants with the freedom to distribute their measurement projects among team members and clients.

Technical Requirements

The full software functionality is enabled by having the following options installed on the instrument:

  • XL2 Extended Acoustic Pack
  • XL3 Extended Noise Measurement


Data Explorer 365

annual subscription service

Data Explorer 365 Company

annual company subscription service for 3 or more instruments

Data Explorer Permanent

permanently activated license for one instrument



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