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Live sound events should be enjoyable; a good quality sound and an entertaining show are the foundation for this. It is also important that the sound level does not cause discomfort or damage to the audience’s hearing, nor disturb the neighbors. The XL2 Sound Level Meter is the professional sound level measuring solution for such occasions

Comply with Sound Limits

XL2 with M4260 Measurement Microphone

XL2 Sound Level Meter

The XL2 Sound Level Meter helps you comply with sound limit regulations. Simply power up the meter, select the pre-configured measurement profile and press start. The XL2 measures and logs all levels without further user action, and gives you a red light when you are above the limit. A compressed audio wav-file may be recorded simultaneously.

XL2 Sound Level Meter

Monitor the loudest point in the venue

The XL2 measures the correction values between the loudest point of the live event and the actual measurement position, e.g. the front-of-house. These correction values are included with the actual measurement data, thus you have the level at the loudest point in the public area under control.

Automated Report

Load the logged data into a report template and play the XL2 audio file to review any periods when the sound was over the limit, but beyond your control, such as when the audience applause was too loud.

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On-Site Supervision

The Projector PRO software displays the XL2 screen in real-time via USB on the connected Windows or Mac computer. For repeated event monitoring, e.g. a festival over several days, the sound level monitoring starts automatically when the computer starts up and ends again with the shutdown. All Projector PRO settings can be saved in a software profile

The XL View

The “XL View” window presents sound levels in large size on the connected computer screen. Users may select to view one, two or three sound pressure levels. Exceeding levels are presented with a pre-warning amber or alarming red color. The XL View requires an installed Projector PRO Option on the XL2 Sound Level Meter.

Projector PRO XL View


The Sound Level Predictor View

The “Sound Level Predictor” visualizes the level history of the current measurement interval and indicates the headroom for the actual measurement period or the next few minutes. Green bars confirm that the present level is well below limits. Red bars are a call to action to reduce the sound level at the mixing desk. This allows the front-of-house engineer to optimize dynamic passages of the band for maximum audience satisfaction while still remaining within the legal limits. The Sound Level Predictor View requires an installed Projector PRO Option on the XL2 Sound Level Meter.

Projector PRO XL View


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Remote Sound Level Monitoring

The XL2 Sound Level Meter can be connected to the web. Start and stop the measurement using your preferred web browser on a mobile phone, tablet or computer. This provides you all levels at a glance at festivals with multiple stages. Adding a measurement station in the neighborhood helps you keep everything under control and prevents complains about exceeding limits. A view-only link may be forwarded to stake holders, such as neighbors or officials, for their own online monitoring.

sound level monitoring event


Multiple Sound Levels monitored at a Glance

An outdoor measurement microphone offers a weather-protected measurement solution for the XL2 Sound Level Meter. Together they form a dedicated solution for noise monitoring of outdoor live sound events.

WP30 openair stage


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Exel Set for Live Sound Monitoring

XL2 Kit for Live Sound Monitoring

  • XL2 Sound Level Meter
  • Projector PRO Option for XL2
  • M4261 Measurement Microphone
  • ASD Cable
  • Mains Power Adapter
  • Exel System Case

Optional as required:

Limit Light

visual level indication with a green, orange or red light

Class 2 Sound Calibrator

for user calibration

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