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Quality of sound and intelligibility of speech are the most important factors for successful installation of audio-acoustic systems in large commercial spaces, multi-purpose public rooms, teleconference systems, auditoriums, airports, train stations and stadiums.

At a glance

  • Commissioning, verification and performance checks
  • Troubleshooting electro-acoustic installations
  • Confirm compliance with system specifications


NTi Audio provides contractors and audio engineers with a comprehensive set of diagnostic and measurements tools. They are tailored for installing, commissioning and troubleshooting sound and audio systems in large commercial spaces so that the PA system produces acceptable levels of intelligibility of speech, the background music is audible and at a pleasant level and, most critically, announcement and emergency messages are loud and clear wherever you may be located in the building.

“What’s that hum? Why is there no sound?”

The Minirator signal generator and XL2 Analyzer are valuable instruments for fast troubleshooting of the audio signal path throughout the installation.
The MR-PRO verifies phantom power supply of microphones, checks XLR cables and measures the load impedance of 70/100 Volt speakers.

Polarity, Delay, Reverberation Time

Use the MR-PRO with the XL2 for an in-depth verification of the polarity - frequency relation for speaker cabinets or other multi-way systems. Configure your delay speakers and analyze the Reverberation Time T to improve the sound quality and speech intelligibility.

Noise Curves and System Spectral Response

Generate pink noise with the MR-PRO and optimize the frequency response of your system with the XL2 Analyzer. Measure the spectral distribution of the ambient noise with the optional Noise Curve function to verify if the noise rating requirements are met.

Speech Intelligibility

The XL2 measures the intelligibility of speech in an installed environment and generates a measurement report. The measurement set provides you with detailed analysis of sound pressure level, frequency response, reverberation time, ambient noise and distortion, all of which influence speech intelligibility.

Impedance Testing of 70/100V Systems

The Minirator MR-PRO measures the impedance and power rating of distributed speaker systems. Deviations from the expected result identify problems such as bad connections, incorrect tap connections or short circuits. Use the optional 70V/100V Protection Adapter for safe operation.

Test, One, Two

Talkbox on Stand
You may hear installation engineers repeating the phrase "test, one, two" while setting up microphones. They are not practicing counting; they are checking the frequency response of the microphone. The "uhn" sound of the word "one" produces a low vocal frequency, while the "t" sound in "two" produces a high vocal frequency. (Counting "three, four" adds no more value except perhaps to demonstrate that we installation engineers can, in fact, count past two.)
The NTi Audio TalkBox simplifies and improves the setup of microphones by generating a reference human speech signal or other standard audio test signals, so that all frequencies (not just the frequencies produced by "one, two") can be efficiently adjusted by a single person.
The TalkBox generates all test signals for professional conference room commissioning. Simply position the TalkBox at each speaking position.


Exel Installed Sound Set

XL2 Kit for Installed Sound

  • XL2 Audio and Acoustic Analyzer
  • STIPA Option for XL2
  • M4261 Measurement Microphone
  • Minirator MR-PRO Signal Generator
  • ASD Cable for XL2
  • Cable Test Plug (MR-PRO)
  • 70/100V Protection MR-PRO
  • 2x Mains Power Adapter
  • Exel System Case

Optional as required:

NTi Audio TalkBox

Acoustic Generator (STIPA Reference)

Spectral Limits Option

for Noise Curve Measurements

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