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Live sound events should be enjoyable; a good quality sound and an entertaining show are the foundation for this. Green lights showing that the sound levels are not causing discomfort or damage to the audience’s hearing, make life easier for everyone. Being further able to demonstrate that the levels are below legal limits also protects you from neighbors or the police complaining that the music is too loud.

A handheld instrument that also helps to optimize the frequency response and allows you to match the sound of both the left and right speaker arrays, as well as the monitors, is a useful tool for any front of house engineer. Measuring delay line time settings, or fault-finding broken cables or unwanted buzz, will improve the total listening experience of the audience.

A challenge for PA rental companies is how to quickly and simply verify that returned loudspeakers are fully operational. Can you avoid broken loudspeakers being passed on to the next client, given such limited turn-around times? Can you quickly and reliably identify a fault and record this against the returning client? The answer to these questions is Yes.

NTi Audio offers tailored and proven solutions that fulfills these requirements with outstanding efficiency.

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I Love It! The XL2 is currently the world’s most versatile hand-held acoustic and audio analyser. I can do so much with it, and just love it! And in many ways, the associated Data Explorer software is much more versatile and easier to use than other leading industry equivalents.

Glenn Leembruggen
Acoustic Directions, Australia

Very Simple to Use! I must say that the instrument and the software are brilliant, and very simple to use, even for an old fogey like me.

Owen Clingan, UK

Better price with more versatility! I am happy that you keep on developing new applications and uses for the XL2, it is quite a convenient and powerful tool. In my opinion it is a serious competition for the traditional sound level meters at a better price and with more versatility. The Type Approval is an important step forward in the acceptation of the system; even in situations where type approval is not really needed, it helps avoiding discussions on the validity of the measurements.

Ben Kok, Netherlands

XL2 Data Explorer Software! With regards to analyzing the recorded noise data: The idea of hovering over the marker text or locking the set of them is absolutely brilliant for assessing the tonality of a marked section. I could not have thought of a better system. And the percentile calculator letting you choose any marker, filter band or level parameter is just perfect.

Jason Dixon, Australia

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