Calibration & Service

Returning instruments for calibration and service is straightforward. Just follow the instructions below to get online cost estimates and receive an email containing your RMA* number within a few minutes.

Service Calibration Process

Start here   * RMA = Return Material Authorization

Why calibrate your instruments?

We recommend annual calibration of the products after the purchase. The calibration provides documented and traceable measurement accuracy and confirms that your NTi Audio product meets the published specifications. The calibration and adjustment procedures follow the documentation and traceability requirements of the EN ISO / IEC 17025 standard. NTi Audio is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. For calibrations kindly follow the Service Guideline below. The typical pricing for instrument calibration and services are listed in the RMA form.

Sound Level Meter Calibration in accordance with IEC 61672-3 (2013)

We offer the traceable sound level meter calibration in accordance with the latest standard edition IEC 61672-3. It confirms the performance specifications of the XL2 Sound Level Meter in combination with the NTi Audio Measurement Microphone. The complete range of in the standard specified tests is performed and a manufacturer calibration certificate produced. For calibrations kindly follow the Service Guideline below. The typical calibration pricing is listed in the RMA form.

Calibration Certificates for new Test Instruments

Handheld instruments offer individual calibration certificates on demand. Request such calibration certificates together with the purchase of the new NTi Audio instrument. The following instruments include a calibration certificate by default: Flexus FX100, Precision Calibrator, M2010 and M2015.

Sample Certificates

Returning Instruments for Calibration or Service

Kindly observe the following instructions for the return of your instruments.

  • Device configuration and stored data
    In exceptional cases, settings and/or stored data may be lost. Please back up your data before shipping and verify the settings of your device upon receipt.

  • RMA Number
    • Upon confirming all details you will receive an automated email with the RMA number and the delivery address.
    • Print this e-mail and attach it to your package.
    • Ensure that the RMA number is clearly visible on the outside of the package.
    • Ship the parcel to the delivery address printed on the e-mail.
  • Warranty
    NTi Audio offers a three years warranty for all products from the date of purchase. In case you have to apply for repair under warranty, please include a copy of your purchase receipt with the package.
  • Calibration & Service Costs
    • The typical calibration & service costs are listed in the RMA form.
    • You may request a quotation within the RMA form, which you will receive after inspection of the instrument(s).
    • In case your instruments are received without a completed RMA form, a surcharge of USD 30 applies.
    • In case no service is actually required, a minimum service charge of USD 30 applies.
  • Service Time
    The time required to service your item is typically 5 working days, excluding transport.
  • Battery
    Kindly remove any batteries from the product. Shipments with batteries are rated as dangerous goods, thus increased shipment costs may apply.
  • Packing
    Please return the product in the original packaging and put it in another shipping carton for protection during transportation. The customer takes responsibility for the product during transportation to NTi Audio.
  • Delivery Address

    NTi Audio, Inc.
    7405 SW Tech Center, Suite 130
    97223 Tigard, OR
  • Final Check
    Please verify that following items are included in the shipment:
    → Product without accessories; batteries removed
    → Microphone for sound level meter calibrations according to IEC 61672-3
    → RMA form
    → In case of warranty repair: Copy of purchase receipt
    → Delivery address and RMA number are clearly visible on outside of parcel
  • Shipping
    Send the package to NTi Audio at your own cost. NTi Audio cannot accept freight collect returns.
    → Please email the tracking number so we can watch for the shipment.

* RMA = Return Material Authorization