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Speaker Testing Solutions

The PureSound™ Speaker Test System is a comprehensive test solution with a unique and reliable defects analysis. The objective Rub & Buzz analysis correlates 100% to the subjective perception of the human ear. The typical cycle time for a complete speaker test is less than one second.

At a glance

  • Typical cycle time < 1 second
  • Accurate and consistent test results
  • Rub&Buzz detection with 100% correlation to human ear


Key features for a modern, state-of-the-art test system are speed, simplicity, reproducibility and automation in a factory environment. The PureSound speaker test system exactly answers these needs. The key element is the unique Rub & Buzz defects analysis with a 100% correlation to the human ear. It replaces the subjective human ear perception against an objective, reliable and repeatable test feature.

The turnkey speaker test solution is provided by the FX100 and operated via the RT-Speaker PC software. It is optimized for high-volume quality control of single speaker components, pre-assembled parts or finished products.

Measurement Parameters

  • Frequency Response
  • Distortion THD, THD+N, k2-k35
  • Impedance Response
  • Resonance Frequencies f0
  • Sound Pressure Level dBSPL
  • Speaker Polarity
  • Rub & Buzz defects analysis with a 100% correlation to the human ear
  • Thiele/Small Parameters
  • DC Resistance

Turnkey Solution

The design of the FX100 Audio Analyzer was influenced by the key requirements for production testing: Flexibility, speed and ease of integration.


The scalable hardware concept allows customization of the FX100 hardware according to the individual requirements. Plug-in options offer full flexibility such as additional measuring channels, input and output switchers or impedance measurement modules. The audio analyzer grows with the application for manually-operated and fully-automated production lines.

Compact Power

The FX100 with the FX-SIP impedance module is a very compact loudspeaker test system. Plug in an M2010 microphone and all your hardware requirements are complete. No external amplifier is required.

Measurement Speed

Fast GlideSweeps obtain all relevant measurement results from one short stimulus; typically less than one second. The FX100 has been optimized for factory noise immunity and high volume production. The sequence mode provides automated measurement of customized test sequences including Pass/Fail decision.

Ease of Integration

The FX100 Audio Analyzer bridges the demands of QC engineering for using the same instrument in R&D, sample inspection and on the production floor. Individual application projects may be transferred around the globe for fast setup.

PureSound™ Speaker Measurement (optional)

Leading-edge measurement technology unveils the speaker parameters including Rub&Buzz with one single stimulus. The patented PureSound™ technology provides a complete speaker characterization with an unmatched correlation to the human hearing. Two speakers may be measured at the same time! PureSound™ includes the turnkey production software.


All measurement data may be logged for detailed manufacturing control. The built-in digital I/O interface connects to peripheral devices, such as a foot switch or a stack light.

Production Software RT-Speaker

Main Menu RT-Speaker Software
RT-Speaker Software Main Menu

A simple PASSED/FAILED readout or a detailed view of all measured speaker parameters is provided to the operator. System integration into existing high volume production lines and the connection to host controllers is very simple. The patented measurement algorithms have been optimized for factory noise immunity.

Measurements can be started by an external button or automatically as the speaker is connected. The built-in FX100 digital IO interface can be used for automated operation, such as

  • Communicating with a PLC
  • Test result indication through a stack-light
  • Triggering a measurement with a footswitch
  • External pre- or post-test actions independent of test result
  • Automated splitting of PASSED/FAILED samples
  • Individual bin splitting of different FAILED samples

RT-Speaker Software Passed/Failed Testing

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Loudspeaker Impedance Testing

The tests are executed with a logarithmically swept GlideSweep. This technology ensures very fast, yet precise measurement results. The FX-SIP module with its built-in power amplifier supports the simplest possible wiring.  In order to prevent systematic measurement errors such as cable impedance, a 4-wire connection cable with sense lines is provided.


Measured Parameters

In addition to the impedance response, a wide range of derived or separate results can be calculated or measured, too. Thus, the complete electrical characterization of the device under test (DUT) can be acquired in only one test cycle.

  • Resonance frequencies
  • Thiele/Small parameters
  • DC-resistance

Regular (low impedance) Loudspeakers

Low to medium power devices (mobile phone transducers, consumer audio, multimedia, automotive etc.) are covered by the FX-SIP module. Besides the impedance measurement functionality, it also provides a built-in audio amplifier, thus featuring a very compact and easy-to-use test solution. The FX-SIP module is suitable for speakers up to 30 W into 2 Ω or 4 Ω, or up to 20 W into 8 Ω.

Medium to high power loudspeakers (e.g. Pro-Audio, HiFi) are covered by the FX-SIH module, which can test loudspeakers from 1 W up to >1 kW. The FX-SIH requires an external power amplifier in the test setup.

Example of a mid-range driver impedance response:

70 V /100 V Loudspeakers

Together with the 100 V RT-IB Impedance box, the FX100 can also measure the impedance response of distributed audio 70 V / 100 V loudspeaker systems.

  • For loudspeakers up to 30 kΩ nominal impedance
  • Selectable shunt resistor: 1 Ω, 20 Ω or 400 Ω
  • Impedance response
  • Resonance frequency
  • Impedance at resonance frequency

Example of a 100 V loudspeaker impedance response:

Loudspeaker Directivity Measurement with the FX100

Introduction to setting up and operating a solution that measures the polar plot of a loudspeaker.


Flexus FX100 Audio Analyzer

Speaker Test System


  • Flexus FX100 Audio Analyzer
  • Speaker Impedance Module
  • Measurement Microphone M2010
  • Speaker Test Software


  • Speaker Impedance Module
    • FX-SIP (includes power amplifier, for speakers < 30 W) or
    • FX-SIH (requires external power amplifier, for speakers > 30 W)
  • Speaker Test Software
    • Premiere Speaker Test Software (for automated testing) or
    • Standard Speaker Test Software (for manual testing)

Optional as required:

  • Input Switcher Module FX-IS
  • Turntable TT01
  • Loudspeaker Directivity Option
  • Environmental Sensor
  • Precision Calibrator 94/114 dB
  • Auxiliary IO connection board
  • Stack Light (red/orange/green)
  • Footswitch
  • FX100 Rack Mounting

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