Sound Power Reporter Software

Sound Power Reporter Software

Sound Power Reporter is a PC-based software application that provides comprehensive reports for sound power measurements. Designed for industrial professionals, this comprehensive tool uses data gathered by the Sound Level Meter, and quickly returns graphical analysis of all measurement positions.

At a glance

  • Conform to ISO 3741, ISO 3744, ISO 3746
  • ANSI-ASA S12.51 / S12.54 / S12.56
  • Standardized Reporting

Measurements View

Drag & drop the measurement data into the software. All measurement data is automatically assigned to the class of machine noise or background noise. The software supports data sets in octave and third-octave resolution.

Sound Power Reporter Calculations View

Calculations View

Evaluate the individual data sets for machine noise, background noise and the Reverberation Time RT in the test room. The details of an applicable background noise correction K1and room correction K2 are presented. In case of measurements in free field condition is no room correction applied.

Sound Power Reporter RT60

Results View

The results view displays the calculated sound power in a table and the standardized chart from 50 Hz to 10 kHz. Reports with the single number ratings LWA or LWZ may be selected.

Sound Power Reporter RT60

Complete the header data and print the standard-adhering report – that's all!

Evaluate Sound Power Reporter now

Feel free to test the Sound Power Reporter software with demo data. Sound Power Reporter is a free-to-use PC software. The data import from the Sound Level Meter is chargeable.

Download Software    Download Demo Data

System requirements: PC with Windows Vista, 7, 8.x, 10, 11


Get the Sound Power Reporter Software

The purchase of a Sound Power Reporter 365 subscription allows the unlimited import of measurement data from one instrument into the Sound Power Reporter PC-Software for a period of one year. Data which has been recorded prior the subscription may then also be imported. Alternatively, a permanent license is available for each instrument.

Installation on multiple PCs

The Sound Power Reporter software can be installed on multiple computers. This provides professionals with the freedom to distribute their measurement projects among team members and clients.

Technical Requirements

The full software functionality is enabled by having the following options installed on the instrument:

  • XL2 Extended Acoustic Pack


Projector PRO kit

Sound Power Reporter 365

annual subscription service

Sound Power Reporter 365 Company

annual company subscription service for 3 or more instruments

Sound Power Reporter Permanent

permanently activated license for one instrument

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