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AVI-Installation Solutions

Teleconference systems play a significant role in today's connected world, allowing companies to communicate seamlessly across continents. Proper system alignment, delivering consistent speech levels and excellent intelligibly is a key success factor for the installing company.

The conference participants expect that they be allowed to concentrate on the business topics at hand and not be distracted by any inadequacies or failures in the communication system. NTi Audio equipment provides you with the tools to align the systems and rooms with excellence and confidence.

At a glance

  • Installing conference and tele-presence systems
  • Commissioning, tuning, optimizing, verification 
  • Periodic performance check and maintenance

XL2 Measurement Functions

XL2 with M4260 Measurement Microphone

XL2 Audio and
Acoustic Analyzer

Speech intelligibility STIPA

Measures the speech intelligibility of conference systems using the TalkBox as signal source.

Real Time Analyzer RTA

Measure the room in 1/3 Octaves to calculate the sound insulation index from airborne noise and objectively determine the levels of privacy within the room as well as levels of annoyance from adjoining rooms.

Sound Pressure Level SPL

Setting up of sound levels for best and standardized performance.

Sound Insulation

The XL2 measures the sound insulation between rooms or indoor-outdoor areas. The impact sound insulation, e.g. footsteps, is measured by using a tapping machine. The level difference between two rooms might be corrected with the influence of the background noise in the receiving room.

Reverberation Time RT

Verifies the room acoustics for optimized system performance and speech intelligibility.

Noise Curves

Measure the spectral distribution of the ambient noise with the optional Noise Curve function to verify if the noise criteria requirements are met.

Test, One, Two

Talkbox on Stand
NTi Audio TalkBox
You may hear installation engineers repeating the phrase "test, one, two" while setting up microphones. They are not practicing counting; they are checking the frequency response of the microphone. The "uhn" sound of the word "one" produces a low vocal frequency, while the ‘t’ sound in ‘two’ produces a high vocal frequency. (Counting "three, four" adds no more value except perhaps to demonstrate that we installation engineers can, in fact, count past two.)

The NTi Audio TalkBox simplifies and improves the setup of microphones by generating a reference human speech signal or other standard audio test signals, so that all frequencies (not just the frequencies produced by "one, two") can be efficiently adjusted by a single person.

The TalkBox generates all test signals for professional conference room commissioning. Simply position the TalkBox at each speaking position.

Speech intelligibility STIPA

The NTi Audio TalkBox generates the speech intelligibility test signal, at the level of a normal spoken voice, into the talker's microphone for STIPA measurements with the XL2 Analyzer.

Signal Generator Functions

Minirator MR-PRO

Minirator MR-PRO

Provides line test signals for system verification and fine tuning.

Cable Tester

The MR-PRO verifies the correct XLR cable wiring, detecting all common XLR wiring faults with a precise description, such as “2-3 Crossed” or “Pin 2 open”. Additionally an optional Cable Test Plug may be used for single ended installations.

XL2 Kit for AV Installations

Exel AV Installation Set
  • XL2 Audio and Acoustic Analyzer
  • STIPA Option for XL2
  • M4261 Measurement Microphone
  • Minirator MR-PRO
  • ASD Cable for XL2
  • 2x Mains Power Adapter
  • Exel System Case

Optional as required:
  • NTi Audio TalkBox
  • Spectral Limits Option for XL2

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