Projector PRO

Projector PRO

The Projector PRO allows the XL2 screen to be viewed on a tablet or computer connected via USB. The optional “XL View” and the “Sound Level Predictor” display extend the XL2 Projector PRO for professional live sound monitoring applications.

At a glance

  • Live Display
  • Large Level View (optional)
  • Sound Level Predictor (optional)

XL2 Screen on the Computer (free)

The Projector PRO software displays the XL2 screen in real-time via USB on the connected Windows or Mac computer. The software toolbar enables control of the XL2 with the mouse and keyboard. The background color turns from green to red according to the user-defined limits. Projector PRO offers the ability to retrieve measurement data from the XL2 without interruption to the measurement process. The entire file system of the XL2 is available while the XL2 is measuring. The complete data records of a previous day can be transferred to a local computer with drag & drop.

Projector PRO XL View

All Projector PRO settings can be saved in a software profile. For daily event monitoring, e.g. in a neighborhood bar monitoring project, the sound level monitoring starts automatically when the computer starts up and ends again with the shutdown. The XL2 Sound Level Meter stores the measurement data for later documentation. For precise data recording, the time of the XL2 sound level meter is automatically synchronized with the computer time. The sound level meter can then be kept in a protected place (such as a locked cupboard) - it no longer requires any keypresses.

The XL2 Projector PRO software is a free download for all registered XL2 customers. Required is a computer with Windows 7, 8, 10 or higher or Mac OS 10.8 or higher.

XL View (optional)

The “XL View” window presents sound levels in large size on the connected computer screen. Users may select to view one, two or three sound pressure levels. Exceeding levels are presented with a pre-warning amber or alarming red color. To access the XL View, a Projector PRO Option must be installed on the XL2 Sound Level Meter.

Projector PRO XL View

Sound Level Predictor (optional)

The “Sound Level Predictor” visualizes the level history of the current measurement interval and indicates the headroom for the actual measurement period or the next few minutes. Green bars confirm that the present level is well below limits. Red bars are a call to action to reduce the sound level at the mixing desk. This allows the front-of-house engineer to optimize dynamic passages of the band for maximum audience satisfaction while still remaining within the legal limits. To access the Sound Level Predictor, a Projector PRO Option must be installed on the XL2 Sound Level Meter.

Projector PRO XL View

How to use the Projector PRO Software


XL2 + Projector Pro is a necessary tool for a live sound engineer. XL View displays the selected SPL values on the PC-screen, so you don’t need to look aside to the XL2 display while working on the mixing console. If the SPL exceeds the limit you’ve set, the PC screen will start “screaming” red, signaling that the maximum has been reached.

Sound Level Predictor is an indispensable tool during the show. The parameters displayed by the program are unique. It's like an "Attention Assist" in a car. Analyzing the information received, you won’t exceed the local level limit regulations. At the same time, you will have the necessary SPL in reserve for the loud climax of your show. Based on the above mentioned, Projector PRO is the best tool for a live sound engineer to control SPL in the process of mixing.

Dmitriev Konstantin
Senior Audio Engineer,
BlackSeaArena, Georgia


XL2 Kit for Live Sound Monitoring

Projector PRO kit
The kit includes
  • XL2 Sound Level Meter
  • Projector PRO Option for XL2
  • M4261 Measurement Microphone
  • ASD Cable
  • Cable Test Plug (MR-PRO)
  • Mains Power Adapter
  • Exel System Case
Optional as required
  • Limit Light
    visual level indication with a green, orange or red light
  • Class 2 Microphone Calibrator
    for user calibration

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