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The Exel Building Acoustics Kit consists of the omnidirectional loudspeaker and power amplifier as well as the PC-software required for professional airborne, impact and facade sound insulation measurements. All measurements are performed in accordance with the ISO 16283, ISO 140 and ASTM E336 standards.

At a glance

  • Lightweight and compact
  • Compliant with ISO 16283, ISO 140, ASTM E336, ...
  • Airborne, impact and facade sound insulation


Sound Insulation is the measurement of the influence that a partition (usually a wall or ceiling) has on sound; in other words, how efficiently a partition insulates the sound between rooms. To evaluate this, a reference sound signal is generated in the sending room, and the noise spectrum is measured in both the sending and the receiving room. Additionally a room correction of the receiving room is applied based on the measurement of the reverberation time RT60.

The PA3 Power Amplifier, with built-in noise generator, provides the test signal. Played through the light-weight DS3 Dodecahedron Speaker, an omni-directional, flat acoustic frequency spectrum is produced. This spectrum and the reverberation time are measured by the XL2 Sound Level Meter. The measurement data is then imported into the Sound Insulation Reporter PC-software and all the standard sound insulation reports are created.


  • Calibrated acoustic measurement system for traceable measurements
  • Lightweight omnidirectional sound source with building acoustics amplifier
  • Parallel measurements in sending and receiving rooms using Wi-Fi communication


Building Acoustics

Dodecahedron Speaker Set

The Dodecahedron Speaker Set offers a lightweight, yet powerful signal source for room & building acoustic measurements. The optimized frequency response ensures precise measurements in accordance with the ISO 16283 and the ISO 3382 standards. The set includes the robust omnidirectional DS3 Dodecahedron Speaker and the remote-controlled PA3 Power Amplifier.

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XL2 Sound Level Meter

XL2 with M4260 Measurement Microphone

Real Time Analyzer RTA

The XL2 Sound Level Meter measures the actual noise spectrum in the sending and receiving room. The level difference forms the base of the sound insulation calculation. An additionaly recorded noise spectrum in the receiving room without test signal enables the background noise correction as applicable.

RT60 Reverberation Time

The level difference between two rooms needs to be corrected with any influence of the reverberation time in the receiving room. The reverberation time measurement in the optional 1/3 octave resolution. It offers automated triggering for repeated tests using an impulse signal or gated pink noise as signal source.

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Sound Insulation Reporter

XL2 Sound Insulation Reporter is a PC-based software application that provides all the standard reports for Airborne, Impact and Facade sound insulation measurements. Designed for acoustic consultants, this comprehensive tool uses data gathered by the XL2 Acoustic Analyzer, and returns graphical analysis of all measurement positions.

Additionally the software offers the ability to acquire real-time data; two or more XL2 Sound Level Meters may be controlled directly by the software. This allows simultaneous wireless measurement in both the sending and receiving room onsite; saving time. To enable this real-time acquisition of data, the Sound Insulation Reporter software requires that the connected XL2s also have an activated Remote Measurement Option installed. The Sound Insulation Option enables the import of XL2 measurement data into the XL2 Sound Insulation Reporter software.

XL2 Sound Insulation Reporter Results

Features of the Sound Insulation Reporter software:

  • Airborne Sound Insulation
  • Impact Sound Insulation
  • Facade Sound Insulation
  • Visualization of all measurement
  • Customized Reporting
  • Standards ISO 16283, ISO 140, ISO 717, ISO 10140, DIN 4109, Document E, ASTM E336, ASTM E413, ASTM E1007, ASTM E989, ASTM E966, ASTM E1332, GB/T 19889, SIA 181

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Get the Sound Insulation Reporter Software

Sound Insulation Option

In order to import data from your XL2 Acoustic Analyzer to the Sound Insulation Reporter PC-Software, the Sound Insulation Option needs to be purchased and installed on each XL2 Analyzer that will use it. Data which has been recorded prior the installation of the Sound Insulation Option may then also be imported. The Sound Insulation Reporter software can then be installed on an unlimited number of computers in order to analyze this imported data.

Sound Insulation Reporter 365

An annual subscription service is offered as an alternative to the Sound Insulation Option. The purchase of a Sound Insulation Reporter 365 subscription allows the unlimited import of measurement data from one XL2 Acoustic Analyzer into the Sound Insulation PC-Software for a period of one year.

Multiple Installation

The Sound Insulation Reporter software can be installed on multiple computers. This provides consultants with the freedom to distribute their measurement projects among team members and clients.

Technical Requirements

The software is compatible with Windows Vista, 7, 8.x, 10. The full software functionality is enabled by having the following options installed in the XL2 Sound Level Meter:

  • Extended Acoustic Pack
  • Remote Measurement Option
  • Sound Insulation Reporter Option or Sound Insulation 365


You may download the Sound Insulation Reporter PC software with demo data for evaluation.

Download here


Exel AVI-Installation Set

Exel Building Acoustic Kit

  • PA3 Power Amplifier
    with built-in noise generator
  • DS3 Dodecahedron Speaker
  • Speaker Stand for DS3
  • XL2 Acoustic Analyzer
  • Extended Acoustic Pack for XL2
  • Sound Insulation Option for XL2
  • Remote Measurement Option for XL2
  • M2230 Measurement Microphone
  • ASD Cable for XL2
  • Mains Power Adapter
  • Exel System Case

Optional as required:

Type Approval Option for XL2

for type approved measurements and certification

Minirator MR-PRO

for special band-limited test signals

Precision Calibrator

for user calibrations

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