Test Solution for Building Acoustics

Building Acoustics Solutions

The building acoustics kit consists of the XL3 Sound Level Meter, omnidirectional DS3 Dodecahedron Speaker, PA3 Power Amplifier, and Sound Insulation Reporter PC software. These provide professional airborne, impact and facade sound insulation measurements in accordance with the standards.

Measurement of Sound Insulation in Buildings

The building acoustics kit is ideally suited for use on site. The DS3 Dodecahedron Speaker delivers an omnidirectional sound with a flat acoustic frequency response. The XL3 Sound Level Meter measures the noise spectrum in the sending and receiving room as well as the reverberation time. The resulting sound insulation is displayed for immediate compliance confirmation on-site. The standard-compliant measurement report can be generated immediately using the Sound Insulation Reporter PC software.


  • Calibrated acoustic system for traceable measurements
  • Lightweight omnidirectional sound source with amplifier
  • Simultaneous measurements in sending and receiving rooms using Wi-Fi communication
  • Supports ASTM E336, ASTM E413, ASTM E1007, ASTM E989, ASTM E966, ASTM E1332, BB93, DIN 4109, Document E, GB/T 19889, ISO 16283, ISO 140, ISO 717, ISO 10140, NEN 5077:2019, SIA 181:2006, SIA 181:2020.

DS3 Dodecahedron Speaker Kit

DS3 Dodecahedron Speaker

The DS3 Dodecahedron Speaker Kit offers a lightweight, yet powerful signal source for building acoustic measurements. The DS3 weights only 7.5 kg and generates a typical sound power of 120.5 dB required for evaluation of high-insulation walls. The optimized frequency response ensures precise measurements in accordance with the ISO 16283 and the ISO 3382 standards. The kit includes the robust omnidirectional DS3 Dodecahedron Speaker, the remote-controlled PA3 Power Amplifier and the speaker stand. By pressing a button on the supplied wireless remote control, the test signal can be comfortably switched on and off from outside the sending room.

  • Compact and lightweight 
  • Maximum sound power level 120.5 dB 
  • Wireless remote control

XL3 Sound Level Meter

The XL3 Acoustic Analyzer enables direct determination of airborne, impact and facade sound insulation on the instrument. Simply measure in the sending and receiving room and see the sound insulation values displayed for immediate compliance confirmation on-site. For additional partitions with the same source or receiving rooms, the XL3 offers time-saving features by re-using of measurement data from previous measurements e.g. reverberation time data or background noise measurements for a common receiving room. In order to prevent any sound absorption from your body, you can leave the room and control the instrument from your mobile phone using Wi-Fi or the 4G/5G network. Generating the final measurement report for sign-off is easy utilizing the optional Sound Insulation Reporter PC Software.

XL3 Screen Sound InsulationXL3 Screen Sound InsulationXL3 Screen Sound Insulation


  • Airborne and impact sound insulation on XL3
  • Standards ISO 16283 and ISO 717
  • Automated measurement data averaging
  • Re-use of existing data
  • Results D, D’n, D’nT and R'
  • Chart and table

Sound Insulation Reporter Software


The Sound Insulation Reporter is a PC-based software application that provides all the standard reports for Airborne, Impact and Facade sound insulation measurements. Designed for acoustic consultants, this comprehensive tool uses data gathered by the XL3 Acoustic Analyzer, and quickly returns graphical analysis of all measurement positions. Additionally, the software offers the ability to acquire real-time data; two or more instruments may be controlled directly by the software. This allows simultaneous wireless measurement in both the sending and receiving room on site; saving time. An activated Sound Insulation Reporter license enables the import of measurement data from one XL3 into the Sound Insulation Reporter software.


  • Airborne, impact and facade sound insulation
  • Parallel measurements in sending and receiving room
  • Standardized Reporting

Laboratory measurement of sound insulation of building elements according to ISO 10140

The Building Acoustics Kit offers also a professional solution for measurements in a test facility. The sound insulation measurement of construction materials according to ISO 10140 is fully supported. This makes it possible to compare the sound insulation properties of building components and to estimate the real-world behavior in the finished building. The measurements can be started remotely on the computer and evaluated in the Sound Insulation Reporter software. Also, the test signal on the DS3 Dodecahedron Speaker starts and stops automatically. In addition, the DS3 offers a reliably consistent output level over extended periods; it is ideally suited for extensive and precise measurements on the test bench.

TM3 Tapping Machine


The remote-controlled TM3 Tapping Machine is a precision impact noise source for building acoustic measurements. It is typically used for the assessment of general impacts in dwellings that occur on floors or stairs in a building, and can be operated autonomously, due to the built-in battery.

The Tapping Machine complies to the standards ISO 16283-2, ISO 717-2, ISO 10140-3/-4/-5, ISO 140-6/-7/-8, DIN 52210-6, ASTM E492 and ASTM E1007.

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The Dodec kit is amazing and we love the feature with the separate subwoofer output! You’ve done a really good job with the cases and the carrying flexibility too, well done!

Ioannis Timagenis
Timagenis Architects-Acoustics Consultants, Greece

I Love It! The XL2 is currently the world’s most versatile hand-held acoustic and audio analyser. I can do so much with it, and just love it! And in many ways, the associated Data Explorer software is much more versatile and easier to use than other leading industry equivalents.

Glenn Leembruggen
Acoustic Directions, Australia

Very Simple to Use! I must say that the instrument and the software are brilliant, and very simple to use, even for an old fogey like me.

Owen Clingan
owen.clingan@btinternet.com, UK


XL3 with M2340 Measurement Microphone


DS3 and PA3


Measurement Kit for Building Acoustics

  • PA3 Power Amplifier with built-in noise generator
  • DS3 Dodecahedron Speaker
  • Tripod for DS3 Dodecahedron Speaker
  • XL3 Acoustic Analyzer
  • XL3 Sound Insulation Bundle
  • M2230 Measurement Microphone
  • 1/2" Windscreen 90 mm
  • ASD Cable
  • Backpack

Optional as required:

TM3 Tapping Machine

Impact sound insulation measurement source

Minirator MR-PRO

for white noise or special band-limited test signals

Class 1 Sound Calibrator

for user calibrations

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