Sound Power Testing

Industrial Device Test Solution

The sound power of a source is the total power emitted by that source in all directions. The dedicated Sound Power Test System measures all required data and generates professional measurement reports.

At a glance

  • Professional analysis and reporting
  • ISO 3741, ISO 3744, ISO 3746 and 2000/14/EC
  • ANSI-ASA S12.51, S12.54, S12.56


The XL2 Sound Level Meter in combination with the Sound Power Reporter Software forms the professional solution for sound power measurements. The XL2 measures the noise spectrum of the device under test. Additionally it records the ambient noise and reverberation time for the required corrections. The Sound Power Reporter Software aggregates all data and provides the sound power in dB (reference to 1 pW).

Measurement Functions

Real Time Analyzer RTA

The XL2 Sound Level Meter measures and logs wideband values and the real time spectrum in 1/1 or 1/3 octave band resolution in accordance with IEC 61260 class 0. The sound level meter results of the wide band and RTA spectrum are simultaneously available.

XL2 Sound Level Meter

Reverberation Time

The XL2 measures the energy decay in the range from 63 Hz to 8 kHz by the Schroeder method in 1/1 octave bands. Automatic triggering and averaging of multiple measurements simplifies the operation and minimizes the measurement time. Use either an impulse source or an interrupted pink noise as the test signal. The optional Extended Acoustic Pack extends the Reverberation Time Measurement to a 1/3 octave resolution.

XL2 RT60 Reverberation Time

XL2 Sound Power Option

XL2 Sound Power Reporter is a PC-based software application that provides comprehensive reports for sound power measurements in accordance with ISO 3744 and ANSI-ASA S12.54. Designed for industrial professionals, this comprehensive tool uses data gathered by the XL2 Sound Level Meter, and quickly returns graphical analysis of all measurement positions. The Sound Power Option enables the import of measurement data into the XL2 Sound Power Reporter software.

XL2 Sound Power Reporter Results


XL2 Sound Power Measurement Kit

Exel Sound Power Set
  • XL2 Audio and Acoustic Analyzer
  • Extended Acoustic Pack for XL2
  • Sound Power Reporter 365 for XL2
  • M2230 Measurement Microphone
  • 1/2" Windscreen 90 mm
  • ASD Cable
  • Mains Power Adapter
  • System Case

Optional as required:

Type Approval Option for XL2

for type approved measurements and certification

Sound Calibrator

for user calibrations

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