MeasurEye Platform - Measurement Monitoring Solution

Unattended Monitoring


MeasurEye is a cloud-based solution for monitoring

  • Noise levels
  • Noise direction
  • Weather
  • Wind
  • Air quality

It's a one-stop hub for construction sites, manufacturing facilities and communities, where you can gather, secure, combine, and alert on all your environmental data in real-time.

MeasurEye is free to use! Create your account and discover the potential with our DEMO project.
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At a glance

  • 24/7 hands-off monitoring
  • Supports XL3 Class 1 Sound Level Meter
  • Real-time data every second
  • Historical data
  • Automatic event alerts
  • AI noise classification
  • State of Health (battery, power supply, GPS) with alerts
  • and much more ...


With MeasurEye, you have the flexibility to establish and effortlessly manage remote monitoring projects. Conveniently link your devices to MeasurEye and initiate the collection of measurement data. Configure events to trigger reports and send email alerts when measurement level limits are exceeded.

Data is recorded using

MeasurEye provides (to mention a few)

  • Real-time data access Grid, Chart, Map, State of Health (SOH), Alerts, and XL views
  • Historical data analysis Summary, Charts, and Table views
  • User Management
  • Reports
  • Advanced Configuration Indicators and Events (simple and combined)

Combined Event Evaluation - Example

Evaluation conditions can be defined between certain hours of the day, and on specific days of the week. In addition to simple evaluation conditions, an event may be configured to trigger an alarm if an advanced Evaluation Condition is met. For example

MeasurEye Advanced Event Evaluation Example

All the data you need, in one place

1-second interval data

  • Noise Levels
    • Broadband
    • Spectrum 1/1 or 1/3
  • Noise Locator
    • Direction
    • Elevation
  • Weather
    • Wind Speed and Direction
    • Temperature
    • Rain / Hail
    • Humidity
    • Pressure

60-second interval data

  • Air Quality
    • Particulate Matter
    • Gases (available on request)
  • State of Health
    • Battery
    • Remaining Storage
    • Power Supply
    • Power Source
  • GPS


Supported Indicators

Basic indicators

Choose from over 800 raw-data indicators coming directly from the devices.
(e.g. LAeq_dt, LAFmax_dt, LAFT5, LZeq_1/3_6.3Hz_dt, ...)

Gliding, Period, and Aggregated indicators

Specify the duration and the aggregation type (min, max, average, percentiles, dose/exposure, ...).


MeasurEye Indicator Configuration Page

MeasurEye Indicator Configuration Page

Noise Classification with AI

MeasurEye can optionally classify event alerts. A confidence score is assigned to various classes of noise, such as speech, machinery, traffic, and others.

MeasurEye AI Classification

MeasurEye Example: Noise Classification with AI

The Platform


MeasurEye is free to use! Create your account and discover the potential with our DEMO project.
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Expert Post-processing with Data Explorer

You can retrieve all the data from the XL3 for expert post-processing with the Data Explorer Software.

Data Explorer Software

Data Explorer Software

XL3 Sound Level Meter

XL3 Sound Level Meter
The XL3 is a professional Class 1 certified sound level meter dedicated to noise measurements. It is optimized for basic noise monitoring applications as well as complex tasks. The sound level meter is fully networked, allowing remote operation and data access.


XL3 Sound Level Meter


Outdoor Measurement Microphone

Outdoor Measurement Microphone
An Outdoor Measurement Microphone offers a weather-protected measurement solution for the Sound Level Meter allowing acquisition of environmental noise data in outdoor applications. The corrosion-free polymer housing, wind screen, water-repellent membrane and bird spike provide excellent protection from rain, wind, dust and perching birds.


Outdoor Measurement Microphone


Outdoor Weatherproof Enclosure

Outdoor Weatherproof Enclosure
The weatherproof enclosures (Large or Compact) are tailored fixed installation solutions for unattended noise monitoring. The enclosures are highly secure and constructed of strong, hard-wearing materials – available with IP55 or IP66 rating.

The weatherproof enclosure offers enough space for the XL3 Sound Level Meter and required accessories. It includes a power module converting the external mains power supply to the internally required DC power levels. The active ventilation of the IP55 variant cools the interior in hot external conditions or where the terminal is located in areas with prolonged and direct sunlight.


Outdoor Weatherproof Enclosure

Weather Stations

Weather Station
Rain, strong wind and the wind direction can influence the outdoor sound pressure level to be measured. Connect a weather station to your noise measurement station to simultaneously record the noise level and the weather data. Depending on the weather station model used, air pressure, temperature, air humidity, rain, wind speed and wind direction are documented. MeasurEye supports the Vaisala models WXT532, WXT533 and WXT536, as well as the LCJ CV7.


Vaisala Weather Station


Palas AQ Guard Smart 1000 Air Quality Monitoring Terminal

AQ Guard Smart 1000

The AQ Guard Smart 1000 is ideal for measuring dust pollution at construction sites. It is a compact and cloud-enabled air quality analyzer for monitoring particulate matter (PM1, PM2.5, PM4, PM10, TSP), outdoors and under extreme conditions. The system is compatible with official measurement requirements of both environmental monitoring and health protection.

The device delivers linear values with an uncertainty as low as 12%, thereby producing far fewer false-positives than other sensors. It is an optical device requiring low maintenance (e.g. cleaning, replacing filters), and the high dynamic range reduces the risk of saturation of the sensor when clouds of dust are present.


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