Multi-Channel Device Testing

Multi Channel Device Test Solution

The FX100 Audio Analyzer supports automated testing of professional audio products with multiple inputs and outputs. Switcher modules may extend the FX100 Audio Analyzer for simultaneous connection to 80 input and output channels.

The system may be configured for automated sequential testing of all connected Devices Under Test (DUTs) without any additional operator activities required. Individual test parameter configurations may apply at the various test stations. The PureSound Steepness measurements detects any unwanted potentiometer noise (scratch).

At a glance

  • Audio quality testing
  • Speaker performance control
  • Simultaneous or sequential measurements


Measurement Configurations

Up to 14 input and output channels can be tested using the FX100 internal modules alone.

FX100 Multichannel Mixer Setup

With up to 8 external switcher modules daisy-chained together, and each module capable of handling 10 channels, the testing capabilities of the FX100 are extended to 80 Input and Output channels.

FX100 Large Multichannel Mixer Setup



Flexus FX100 Audio Analyzer


Test System for Multi-Channel Devices

  • Flexus FX100 Audio Analyzer
  • IS-1002 Input Switcher
    with API-Software Environment
  • OS-0210 Output Switcher
    with API-Software Environment
  • PureSound™ Option
  • FX100 Rack Mounting

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