Vehicle Noise Test Solution

Noise Level Measurement Solutions for Vehicle Noise

The XL2 Sound Level Meter provides the dedicated solution for vehicle noise monitoring of cars and motorcycles at the roadside. All measurement data is stored on the SD card. Simultaneously the XL2 may record a wav-file for documentation. The event recorder functionality triggers the measurement by programmable level thresholds.

At a glance

  • Exhaust noise level
  • ISO 5130, EU directive 70/157/EEC and §29 StVZO
  • Annual inspection and survey of road vehicles

Measurement Functions

XL2 with M4260 Measurement Microphone

Noise Level SPL

Measuring the following parameters:
  • LAFmax
    (maximum noise level with A-weighting)
  • LAeq
    (averaged noise level for environmental noise verification)

How to measure?

  • The environmental noise LAeq shall be at least 10 dB below the measured A-weighted exhaust noise level.
  • Position the measurement microphone directed towards the exhaust pipe at a distance of 0.5 m at a 45° angle in the same height; the height shall be minimum 0.2 m above ground.
  • Connect the XL2 Analyzer with the 5 m ASD cable to the measurement microphone.
  • Start the XL2 with the measurement profile ISO 5130.
  • Increase the engine speed gradually from idle to the measurement rpm according the table below.
  • Start the measurement.
  • Hold the measurement rpm for one second and release the throttle control rapidly, thus the engine speed returns to idle.
  • The measurement stops automatically after the entire deceleration period.
  • Repeat the measurement until LAFmax is within 2 dB for three consecutive measurements.
  • The final result LAFmax is calculated as average of these 3 measurement results.


Rated engine speed Measurement rpm Application
< 5000 rpm 75% of rated rpm road vehicles having at
least four wheels
5000 - 7500 rpm 3750 rpm any road vehicles
> 7500 rpm 50% of rated rpm any road vehicles



Exel Set for Noise Measurements

XL2 Kit for Vehicle Noise Inspection

  • XL2 Sound Level Meter
  • M2230 Measurement Microphone
  • 1/2" Windscreen 90 mm
  • ASD Cable
  • Measurement Tape
  • Tripod as Microphone Stand
  • Mains Power Adapter
  • Class 1 Sound Calibrator
  • Manufacturer Calibration Certificate
  • Backpack 

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