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LIVE WEBINAR: How to Test Digital MEMS Microphones

Check out our new webinar: Thursday, 10th October 2019

It is increasing common to find microphones being used in communication devices, consumer electronics, cars and household appliances; especially digital MEMS microphones. Typically, these are arranged as an array of multiple microphones. Thus the localization of a person speaking (Beamforming/Noise Cancellation) can be achieved.

From the point of view of the production test engineer this poses various challenges; the generation of a homogeneous sound field, the parallel processing of several channels, and the interpretation of the data obtained. This webinar therefore explains the basic operation of digital MEMS microphones and demonstrates strategies and approaches to testing them.

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The XL2 is currently the world’s most versatile hand-held acoustic and audio analyser. I can do so much with it, and just love it! And in many ways, the associated Data Explorer software is much more versatile and easier to use than other leading industry equivalents.

Glenn Leembruggen
Acoustic Directions, Australia

I must say that the instrument and the software are brilliant, and very simple to use, even for an old fogey like me.

Owen Clingan, UK

The art of audio repair and restoration is alive and thriving at NTi Audio. They are tech wizards. They brought a beloved Tester back to life.
It had completely failed after being in service for 37 years. This instrument was no longer being manufactured and could not be replaced. NTi stepped in and worked their magic to make it good as new. Bravo! Bravissimo!

Mike Ontkean,
Riverbank Studios, Hawaii, USA


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