Speaker Test Software "RT-Speaker"


The Speaker Test Software "RT-Speaker" provides in combination with the FX100 Audio Analyzer a comprehensive solution with a unique and reliable defects analysis. The objective Rub & Buzz analysis correlates 100% to the subjective perception of the human ear. The typical cycle time for a complete speaker test is less than two seconds.

At a glance

  • Complete acoustic and electric loudspeaker characterization
  • Superior Rub&Buzz detection
  • For manual and automated testing


Main Menu

RT-Speaker Software Main Menu

PureSound Rub & Buzz Measurement

PureSound™ detects the slightest Rub&Buzz defects of speakers or transducers, such as air-leaks, uncentered coils, rubbing voice coils, loose particles and touching wires. The fastest and most reliable test results are guaranteed, even with high factory environmental noise. The typical test time is lower than one second, depending on the speaker type, frequency range and resolution. Make your business more successful by improving your product quality control and saving costs with PureSound™ Rub&Buzz testing.

FX-Control PureSound

FX-Control PureSound

Calibration and Recording of Reference Data

The main menu guides the production administrator through the basic system configuration on to the test parameter settings, which are contained in a single “Project“ folder. After an automated calibration sequence a representative set of one or more “Golden Samples” can be recorded.

The unique tolerance management derives its tolerance criteria automatically and supports up to five different quality clusters, which may be user-defined in any language, such as “Excellent”, “OK”, “Acceptable”, “Class 3” and “Reject”. The manufacturer may then, for example, charge a premium for “Excellent” products or match similar speaker pairs for stereo applications.

RT-Speaker Software Reference Mode

Speaker Production Testing

A simple PASSED/FAILED readout or a detailed view of all measured speaker parameters is provided to the operator. System integration into existing high volume production lines and the connection to host controllers is very simple. The patented measurement algorithms have been optimized for factory noise immunity.

Measurements can be started by an external button or automatically as the speaker is connected. The built-in FX100 digital IO interface can be used for automated operation, such as

  • Communicating with a PLC
  • Test result indication through a stack-light
  • Triggering a measurement with a footswitch
  • External pre- or post-test actions independent of test result
  • Automated splitting of PASSED/FAILED samples
  • Individual bin splitting of different FAILED samples

RT-Speaker Software Passed/Failed Testing

RT-Speaker Editions

The RT-Speaker PC software is available in three fully compatible editions.

Basic Edition

For companies that want to replace their subjective ”Golden Ear” test with a cost-effective, objective test system that creates consistent results. This edition contains the Rub&Buzz test that uses NTi Audio’s PureSound™ technology.

Standard Edition

Designed for companies who test smaller quantities of loudspeakers, such as R&D, sample QC testing or PA rental companies. While the Standard Edition still offers the complete set of measurement functions, the test system can only be operated in manual mode.

Premiere Edition

Contains the full RT-Speaker functionality and is therefore the optimal solution for testing mass production of loudspeakers. Besides the complete set of measurement functions, the Premiere Edition offers numerous helpful features for system integration such as digital IO, TCP/IP interfaces and barcode scanners. Various user access rights, a comprehensive statistic tool as well as the ability to classify results complete the list of features. 


All three editions also enable the PureSound Rub&Buzz defect detection in the FX-Control software.


Upgrade and evaluation licenses are available for all three editions.

Edition feature comparison


Flexus FX100 Audio Analyzer

Basic Loudspeaker Test Software

NTi Audio #: 830 000 204

Standard Loudspeaker Test Software

NTi Audio #: 830 000 202

Premiere Loudspeaker Test Software

NTi Audio #: 830 000 200

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