Room Acoustics Reporter

Room Acoustics Reporter Software

The Room Acoustics Reporter is a PC software for automatically generating reverberation time measurement reports and analyzing the frequency response spectrum. The software supports acousticians and experts in the visualization and detailed evaluation of measurement data recorded with the XL2 Sound Level Meter.

At a glance

  • Reverberation Time according to DIN 18041, ISO 3382, ISO 354, etc.
  • Room acoustic simulation according to Sabine or Eyring
  • Import of user-defined absorber data and tolerances
  • Analysis of Octave and one-third-octave spectra as well as Noise Curves
  • Standard-compliant reporting

Analyzing Reverberation Time or Noise Spectra

The Room Acoustics Reporter software is the ideal tool for data analysis and reporting of the following measurements:

  • Reverberation Time
    • Before / after comparison of acoustic room treatments
    • Adding sound-absorbing materials for evaluation
    • Comparison with standard-specific tolerances
  • Frequency Response Spectrum (RTA)
    • Averaging of noise spectra recorded at multiple measurement positions
    • Calculation of the sound level difference D between two rooms
    • Background noise correction
  • Noise Curves, 1/12 Octave and Cinema Meter
    • Verification of measurement results using tolerance data for a pass/fail decision
    • Automatic conversion of 1/12 octave data into one-third-octave bands
    • Creation of standard-compliant measurement reports

Noise Curves Measurements and Reporting

Read more about Room Acoustic Measurements

Measurements View

Drag & drop the measurement data into the software. All measurement data is automatically assigned to the corresponding data set before or after changing the acoustic properties of the room.

Projector PRO XL View

Calculations View

Evaluate the individual data sets for each measurement. The software presents the reverberation time spectrum of the room.

Projector PRO XL View

Results View

The Room Acoustics Reporter displays the average reverberation time in a table and in a standard 50 Hz to 10 kHz graph. At the same time, the average reverberation time in the middle frequency range (Tmid) is calculated.

Room Acoustics Reporter


The Room Acoustics Reporter software can simulate the influence of additional acoustic absorbers installed in the room. Customer-specific absorption coefficients of surface absorbers or objects can be imported into the software. The software calculates the expected new reverberation time and the resulting sound level change in the room. In addition, it presents the A/V ratio and the average sound absorption coefficient in the room. The simulation is performed according to Sabine's formula and the DIN EN 12354-6 standard. For rooms with higher absorption, the simulation can also be performed according to Eyring.


With the completed descriptions of the measurements taken, the standardized measurement report is ready for printing. Customized documentation is supported by the user-defined logo and signature.

Room Acoustics Reporter Reporting

Frequency Response Spectrum

The Room Acoustics Reporter calculates the average of the imported one-third-octave spectra and compares the result against a tolerance range. In addition, you can display the level sum or difference of two data sets in the measurement report. The measurement data of the following XL2 functions can be imported: RTA, Noise Curves, 1/12 Octave and Cinema Meter.

Projector PRO XL View

Noise Curves

Room Acoustics Reporter offers a dedicated solution for generating standardized noise curve reports. The software calculates the average background noise spectrum in the room. This may be compared with the target range - based on the usage of the room. The measurement data of the following XL2 functions can be imported: SLMeter, Noise Curves, 1/12 Octave and Cinema Meter.

Projector PRO XL View


Room Acoustics Reporter supports the following Noise Curve standards:

  • Noise Criteria NC (ANSI/ASA S12.2-2019)
  • Room Noise Criterion RNC (ANSI/ASA S12.2-2019)
  • Noise Rating NR (ISO/R 1996-1971)
  • Grenzkurven GK (DIN 15996:2008)

Sound Absorption Coefficient

The ISO 354 and ASTM C423 standards specify a method for determining the sound absorption coefficient of acoustic materials used to clad walls and ceilings, or the equivalent sound absorption area of individual objects such as furniture or people in the room.

Projector PRO XL View


The reverberation time is measured with the XL2 Sound Level Meter, with and without absorbers in the room. Based on this data, the Room Acoustics Reporter software calculates the sound absorption coefficient according to the ISO 354, ISO 11654 and ASTM C423 standards. The standardized measurement report also gives the sound absorber class A-E and the single-number values NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) and SAA (Sound Absorption Average).


Evaluate Room Acoustics Reporter now

Feel free to test the Room Acoustics Reporter software with demo data. Room Acoustics Reporter is a free-to-use PC software. The data import from the XL2 Sound Level Meter is chargeable.

Download Software    Download Demo Data

Request evaluation on virtual machine 

System requirements: PC with Windows Vista, 7, 8.x, 10


I have used the software for a year now and it’s used regularly, not just for reporting reverberation time but also in terms of projecting acoustic solutions. It’s a great software with all the tools and calculations needed.

Michael Miller
Sound InVision, Denmark

How to import my Data Sets into the Room Acoustics Reporter?

Room Acoustics Reporter 365

The purchase of a Room Acoustics Reporter 365 subscription allows the unlimited import of measurement data from one XL2 Sound Level Meter into the Room Acoustics Reporter PC-Software for a period of one year. Data which has been recorded prior the installation of the Room Acoustics Option may then also be imported.

Room Acoustics Option

A permanent license is available as an alternative to the annual subscription service. The Room Acoustics Option installed on a XL2 enables the unlimited import of measurement data into the Room Acoustics Reporter PC-Software.

Installation on multiple PCs

The Room Acoustics Reporter software can be installed on multiple computers. This provides experts with the freedom to distribute their measurement projects among team members and clients.

Using the Software with full Functionalities

The full software functionality is enabled by having the following options installed in the XL2 Sound Level Meter:

  • Extended Acoustic Pack (activates the functionality for measuring the reverberation time in the one-third-octave band)
  • Room Acoustics Reporter 365 or Room Acoustics Option 


Projector PRO kit

Room Acoustics Reporter 365

annual subscription service

XL2 Room Acoustics Option

permanently installed option in XL2 Sound Level Meter

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