11. October 2023

New Noise Source for measuring Impact Sound Insulation

New Noise Source for measuring Impact Sound Insulation

The IB01 Impact Ball is a lightweight, easy-to-use, and professional impact source for stimulating ceilings during impact sound insulation measurements in accordance with the DIN EN ISO 16283-2:2020-11 standards for buildings as well as ISO 10140-5:2021 standard for laboratory applications. This provides building acousticians with a product that has great time-saving potential. The Impact Ball is very well suited to simulate low-frequency sound events, such as those caused by footsteps or children jumping on wooden beam ceilings. Every ball is tested on our specially-developed test bench to ensure that all relevant standards are met. In addition, the Sound Insulation Reporter software supports the evaluation of the measured values recorded with the Impact Ball.

Wooden buildings are becoming increasingly popular due to their numerous advantages, such as sustainability, affordability, and aesthetics. However, wooden beam ceilings are more susceptible to transmitting low-frequency impact noise to lower floors. Measuring impact sound insulation using a simple and effective method is important.

The IB01 Impact Ball is a practical impact sound source - not just in terms of dimensions and weight. The excitation spectrum produced is also lower in frequency and therefore more applicable in many cases. Anyone who has ever had to carry out an impact sound measurement with airborne sound correction will appreciate that the rubber ball only emits minimal airborne sound.

The application is uncomplicated and the results are reproducible - the ball is brought to the standardized height of 1m using the included measuring stick and dropped at the desired location. The sound level LAF is measured in the reception room.


Measurement: with the XL2 or XL3 Sound Level Meters

Evaluation: with the PC software Sound Insulation Reporter

Technical data: diameter 180 mm, mass 2.52 kg

Scope of delivery: IB01 Impact Ball, bag, measuring rod for the fall height


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Categories: Room & Building Acoustics