23. enero 2013

Creating Test Sequences with FX100

With the latest version of FX-Control – the PC Software for controlling the FX100 Analyzer - you can customize a sequence of measurements and interactions to create a complete test for your devices. Simply drag-and-drop the tests you require, add operator prompts, and interface with external equipment.

The following video demonstrates how the test sequence for a wireless audio device is built and applied. The customized test sequence interfaces with a barcode scanner, prompts the operator on how to prepare the device under test, generates the required test signals, measures and analyzes the results and shows a pass/fail result for each step of the sequence as well as the overall result.


The new FX-Control release V2.60 can be downloaded from
my.nti-audio.com/support/fx free of charge.

Get a demonstration of the FX100 Audio Analyzer at the ISE Show in Amsterdam.



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