23. marzo 2017

Determination of the Rating Level for Neighborhood Noise Assessment according to DIN 45645

Determination of the Rating Level for Neighborhood Noise Assessment according to DIN 45645

The rating level Lr is used as a measure of the noise level in a neighborhood. The XL2 Sound Level Meter ensures that all necessary measurement data is recorded. The XL2 Data Explorer PC-software is tailored to the purpose of evaluating and calculating the Rating Level. Noise penalties for tonality and impulsivity, according to the DIN 45645 standard, can be automatically added. This provides an expert tool for rating and assessing noise objectively.

The assessment of noise, e.g.in a neighborhood or at the workplace, is based on measuring the averaged sound pressure level LAeq over a representative period of time. Humans generally find that sounds with tonal or impulsive components are more disturbing than those without. The increased annoyance is considered with a penalty. The sum of the measured sound level and the individual penalties produces the rating level Lr for comparison with the applicable legal directive.

Objective Impulse Measurements for the desired time
The XL2 Sound Level Meter logs the level precisely and also records the audio data in parallel as a wav file. The XL2 also immediately determines the applicable impulse penalty. This penalty depends on the disturbance caused by the impulse and corresponds to the level difference LAFT5eq - LAeq according to DIN 45645-1 for neighborhood noise assessment. The tonality of the sound can be read from the 1/3rd-octave spectrum. For further evaluations of individually assessment times, the Data Explorer PC-software is available. Data Explorer automatically recognizes periods containing tonal sounds. The XL2 determines the impulse penalty for individual periods, e.g. Working days, 6am - 7pm, 7am - 7pm, 7pm - 10pm, and 10pm - 6pm. The maximum level values according to TA Lärm are, for example in residential areas, 50 dBA during the day and 35 dBA at night. The audio recording can be played back, synchronized with the level progression on the graph, through the PC loudspeaker and thus the subjective impression can be verified.

Noise assessment with XL2 Sound Level Meter and Data Explorer
In summary, the XL2 Sound Level Meter, combined with the XL2 Data Explorer PC software, provides the professional solution for the full determination of the Lr rating level according to the DIN 45645 standards series. The Type Approved Option extends the Sound Level Meter to the XL2-TA, the PTB-approved product variant. The overall measurement package is ideally suited to document noise objectively and to quickly generate expert opinions.

To determine impulsive sounds, the XL2 Sound Level Meter requires the optional Extended Acoustic Pack. The data evaluation in accordance with DIN 45645 is enabled by using Data Explorer V1.60. The software is freely available for all users to download. Data import from the XL2 into the software is possible with the Data Explorer Option installed on the XL2 or a yearly subscription Data Explorer 365. Data Explorer can be installed on any number of PCs and is, therefore, available to every employee.

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